Decatur area alumni – Are you interested in giving international students the opportunity to:

  • Become involved in the home/family life of local alumni families
  • Obtain a greater understanding of other cultures
  • Experience a “home away from home”?

Create lifelong, unforgettable memories and support Millikin International students by applying to serve as an International Friendship Family. Participating in this program does not mean you need to spend loads of money or host overnight stays. It does mean that you can support your student by inviting them over for occasional meals/holidays or attend their academic presentations on campus.

When completing the International Friendship Family Application, please be as thorough as possible so we can make sure your match is a great fit. Our students are eager to meet you and your family!


Questions? Contact Briana Quintenz, interim director of the Center for International Education, at or 217.424.3758.