Common Questions about Life and Studies at Millikin


When do I move in?

Move-In Day for first-year students will be discussed during registration. More information about the First Week Program and Move-In Day will be sent to you via email. NOTE: Student-Athletes, Honors Scholars, Long-Vanderburg Scholars, and those participating in the Edge Program will move in earlier per their activity schedule. More information about the Welcome Week Program and Move-In Day will be sent to you over summer.

When do I find out who my roommate is?

Campus Life will distribute the information via email at the beginning of July. 

What kinds of things should I bring--and not bring on Move-In Day?

It's generally a good idea to pack light--most college freshmen bring too much their first semester. Remember that you'll be sharing a room with another person, so space is limited. There are plenty of stores in Decatur to find items you've forgotten or decide you need later.

Some important items to bring that are often forgotten:

  • First aid kit, complete with thermometer and OTC medications -Medical Insurance Card and other important identification documents.

Some things to leave at home:

  • Microwave -Refrigerators over 3 cubic feet -Appliances with an open heat source (ie. toaster ovens) -Large furniture pieces -Fitness equipment (ie. free weights, punching bags, or bike rollers) -Knives and other weapon-like devices, including paintball and airsoft guns -Pets (other than fish, tanks not to exceed 10 gallons) -Candles or incense burning devices -Tobacco Products

Talk to your roommate and decide which items each of you is bringing so you do not bring the same items.

What if I didn’t get my first choice for my room or building?

Don’t worry, many students do not get their first, second, or even third choice for housing. Part of the college experience is learning to get along with those different from you and making your space a home away from home. Room changes are not usually made over the summer. You will be asked to stay in your assigned room for the first 10 days of classes. Most students end up really enjoying their room and roommate assignments, so don’t be worried or nervous. Just jump in and give the experience a chance.

Do I need to purchase renter's insurance?

It is smart to purchase a renter's insurance policy for personal property (computers, electronics, jewelry, instruments) within your residence hall room. The University is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of items in your room. Check with your parent's homeowners insurance, they may cover your items. If not, please contact your family insurance agent to purchase a policy. Most policies are very affordable. National Student Services, Inc. offers a very affordable plan for college students with premiums starting at just $39 per year. Access more information at

Computers and Technology

Should I bring my own computer?

Millikin has several computer labs and printing facilities throughout campus, some are available 24/7 for student use. You are not required to bring a laptop.

Does Millikin have wireless Internet access?

Yes. Wireless access is available across the entire campus, including all classrooms, residence halls, offices, dining, sports, and performance venues, and the outdoor quad in the center of campus. Check out the IT website for more details.

How does my ID card work?

Your ID card serves many purposes, so be sure to carry it at all times. It will give you access to your residence hall, allow you to check out books at the library, and serve as your debit card for your meal plan. It is crucial that you validate your ID card on Move-In Day, this lets Millikin know you're a registered student, activates your card so you can eat on campus, and grants you access to buildings and classrooms throughout campus.

Health and Counseling

Where do I go if I get sick?

The Millikin/DMH Health Clinic and Counseling Services are located on campus, just across from the Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC). The Clinic is available to all enrolled students from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Schedule an appointment ahead of time to avoid waiting. Medical services are billed to insurance.

Offered Medical services:

  • Allergy injections
  • Evaluation and treatment of medical illness/injury
  • Medication management
  • Onsite clinical laboratory
  • Physical examinations
  • Screening for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol
  • STD screening
  • TB skin tests
  • Vaccine administration
  • Wellness and preventative medicine
  • Wound care

Counseling Services

Millikin also provides a confidential and professional counseling service for students. We employ two licensed counselors who are available by appointment to assist students with everything from common transition issues and anxiety to more serious mental health concerns. Staff members utilize an approach that emphasizes personal responsibility, prevention, intervention, and a concern for the whole student. It is our goal to assist students in improving their abilities to make informed decisions that positively affect their mental, physical, and spiritual health. We also offer referral to local mental health providers. Counseling appointments are free of charge to students. Call 217.424.6360 to make an appointment.

You can contact the Millikin/DMH Health Clinic at 217.424.6277.

Financial Services

Where can I check my bill?

You can check your bill via Millikin’s electronic portal, myMILLIKIN. Students, make sure you give your parents access to your account if they are helping to pay for your Millikin education. You’ll learn more about checking your bill online during your Technology Training session at O&R.

Campus Safety

What role does Public Safety play on campus?

The Department of Public Safety helps keep the Millikin community safe. In addition to the Safe Rides/Safe Walks Program, Public Safety provides information about dangerous weather conditions, safety alerts, and parking situations. Public Safety can be reached at any time of day or night by calling 217.464.8888.

Can I bring a car?

If you would like to bring your car to campus, you must have a parking permit. Residential permits are $100 and commuter permits are $50. Students can register for parking on myMillikin under the parking icon. Contact Public Safety for questions concerning cars and parking permits.

Student Employment

Where do I go to find a job?

The Center for Academic and Professional Performance (CAPP) can help you find any type of job you’re looking for—on or off-campus, part-time or full-time, internship or post-graduation employment. The CAPP is also a great resource to learn about what types of jobs are available in your field and what type of employment would suit you best. The CAPP located on the 3rd floor of the University Commons. Millikin also hosts a Student Involvement fair during the first week of classes.

Campus Life

What is Welcome Week?

New Student Welcome Week is Millikin’s unique program to assist first-year students with acclimating to the University campus and community. During the week-long program beginning after move-in in August, students begin University Seminar courses, meet and bond with other new students, learn about campus engagement, participate in special activities with their peers, and First-Year Experience Mentors, and fully become members of the University community.

How can I get involved on campus?

It’s easy to find something to do at Millikin, with over 80 student organizations to choose from. Meet students and get information this fall at the Student Involvement Fair. You’ll receive information about the fair when you arrive on campus in August. Until then, you can contact us at 217.424.6335.


Will I get my class schedule during my Registration Day?

Yes. After meeting with your advisor, you will be able to go online and register for your fall courses. Computer training and actual registration for classes will take place in the afternoon.

Where do I get help with my academics?

First, talk to your professor or your academic advisor if you have questions—they’ll post their available office hours each semester. The CAPP can also help you find a peer tutor or study tables—all without charge.

Will my academic advisor stay the same during my first year?

Unless you change your major, your academic advisor will remain the same all year. Your advisor is here to help you with any questions you have about courses, graduation requirements, minors, and more, so be sure to utilize him or her.

What if need an answer to a question not listed here?

Should you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact your admission counselor for assistance. Or, you can contact the Office of Admission at 217.424.6210 or Once you are a registered student, please contact your advisor.