Lead, Create, Inspire

With the Entrepreneurship Certificate students learn to innovate, create, lead, and own a business venture. Coursework in the certificate program is designed to teach students to recognize opportunities, marshal resources, and assess risks. Students will be exposed to many activities of entrepreneurship including customer driven opportunities, design-thinking, market research, prototyping a new product or service, developing and iterating business models, attracting capital, networking with other active entrepreneurs, and starting a business.

Students will learn to create, lead, and own business ventures by:

  1. Utilizing frameworks of innovation to identify and capitalize on the needs, problems, and demands of a market.
  2. Analyzing environmental, legal, and ethical risks and rewards of ownership.
  3. Identifying the financial, physical, and intellectual resources they need, where to obtain them, and how to best utilize them.

Required courses

ET340 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
ET383 Innovation Lab
ET381/382 Entrepreneurship Practicum
ET320 Funding New Ventures
ET390 Student-run Venture Experience *

*ET390 is cross listed with AR390 Blue Connection, MC390 First Step Records, and TH390 Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre. Other approved courses may be eligible. See the bulletin for a complete list of options.

Entrepreneurship Certificate Sheet