Study Abroad FAQs

  • Studying abroad will ignite your student’s education by leading to new academic interests, and instilling a new dedication to academic success.
  • MU offers study abroad programs that will fit into any major or minor, and that WON’T delay graduation.
  • MU Study Abroad Programs function in many ways just like an on-campus semester: grades and credits for the courses students take will appear on their transcripts. (But while students' credits and grades work just like they do on campus, their off-campus experience will be anything but typical.)
  • MU students can study abroad for a full semester beginning their junior year; however, freshman through seniors can participate in our international immersion courses lasting a few weeks during the winter or summer terms.
  • The costs of an MU study abroad program are similar to what students would pay for an on-campus semester. In almost all cases, students pay standard MU tuition. Students would then not pay MU room and board, but would pay the room and board at their international host institution.
  • MU has agreements with over twenty institutions worldwide!
  • Study abroad increases self-confidence, enhances cultural tolerance and understanding, and facilitates lifelong friendships in the pursuit of becoming a global citizen.