Instructions for Completing Online Registration

  1. Set up an appointment with your advisor prior to the date of your registration group (see Registration Groups).
  2. Print off a copy of the Scheduling Worksheet.
  3. Work out a tentative schedule of needed courses using the Scheduling Worksheet provided. A Degree Evaluation is available via Mu Online.
  4. Go to your secure login at Mu Online and then click on the Student tab.
  5. Click on Student Profile.
  6. Click on Registration and Planning.
  7. Read and accept the Rights and Responsibilities Statement.
  8. Select the correct Registration Term.
  9. Select the  Enter CRNs tab.
  10. Click the Add Another CRN link to bring up as many boxes as you need to input CRNs into.
  11. Click Add to Summary.
  12. Click Submit.

Within the online registration program, you have the option to view your schedule by clicking on the Schedule and Options tab.

Please refer to these online registration instructions for screen shots.

Reference Videos:

Online Registration

Course Schedule Search



If you encounter problems please contact the Office of the Registrar at 217.424.6217.

Remember, your academic advisor must click you into a registration group before you can go online and register.