Instructions for Completing Online Registration

  1. Set up an appointment with your advisor prior to prior to the date of your registration group (see Registration Groups at ).
  2. Print off a copy of the Registration Work sheet. Go to Schedule Work Sheet at.
  3. Work out a tentative Schedule of needed courses using the Schedule Work Sheet provided. A Degree evaluation is available via Mu Online. See instructions at Degree Evaluation Instructions to (CAPP) Degree Evaluation Instructions.
  4. Go to your secure login at Mu Online and then go to Student Services.
  5. Click on REGISTRATION.
  7. Click on the down arrow and select the correct Registration Term.
  8. Click Submit button.
  9. Select the subject of the first course you wish to enter. Go to the bottom of the screen and hit the SUBMIT button. All the courses for that department will appear on your screen. Find the course you wish to take. Click on the open box to register for the class. If a ‘C’ appears on the left hand side instead of an open box, then the course is closed.
  10. Once you have registered for the first course, then you can enter all other CRNs for the classes you wish to take using the open “blocks” at the bottom of your screen. Hit SUBMIT to register. If any of the courses are full or if you do not have the prerequisite for the course, the system will post an error message explaining your situation (see error message help sheet).
  11. If you register for any classes that are variable credit (ex: applied music lessons, internships), you may adjust the credit hours (if the default hours are not correct). You can do this by returning to the menu screen where you initially selected ONLINE REGISTRATION and this time select CHANGE CLASS OPTION. This will list all your courses and provide an entry “box” for you to input the adjusted credit hours for the class.
  12. Hit the SUBMIT button. The system tells you if you are registered for the course. It will also indicate if the course has a waitlist. You have the choice at this time to add yourself to the wait list if you wish. When you have your courses entered and they indicate “registered or “waitlisted” status, you may end your session.

Within the online registration program, you have the option to view your schedule (regular or detailed) by clicking on the blue highlighted option at the bottom of the screen.

If you encounter problems please refer to the Online Registration Error Help at or call the Registrar’s Office.

Remember you must see your advisor and have them check you into a registration group before you can go online.