Academic Standing

Dean's List

Students who attempt twelve graded credits during a fall or spring semester and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher will earn Dean's List honors. Students earning a perfect 4.00 grade point average on twelve graded credits attempted will earn High Dean's List honors.

Academic Probation

The first time any student fails to achieve a Millikin cumulative grade point average of 2.0, the student will be placed on probation for the following semester.  Students on academic probation for the first time will be automatically enrolled in IN110. Strategies for Academic Success, for the following term.

Students will be required to complete IN110 in the next full semester that follows the notification of academic probation when one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • student completes Millikin coursework during the summer or January immersion semester that results in the cumulative grade point average falling below a 2.0; or
  • student receives a final grade to resolve an incomplete grade after a semester has begun that results in the cumulative grade point average falling below a 2.0.

Student are not automatically enrolled in IN110 if:

  • student begins their academic program during January or summer semester and completes fewer than 7 credits with a cumulative grade point average below 2.0; or
  • student cumulative grade point average rises above 2.0 before the term in which they would be enrolled.

However, these students are encouraged to seek available resources through the Center for Academic and Professional Performance.

While on Academic Probation, students are not permitted to enroll in more than 17 credits, including IN110, without the permission of their academic advisor.

Academic Dismissal (Suspension)

A student may be dismissed from the University, if their Millikin cumulative grade point average falls below the following suspension schedule:

Required Millikin Semesters of Study

Minimum G.P.A.

After two semesters


After four semesters


A student already on probation may be suspended if the Millikin cumulative grade point average is not improved to a 2.0, or if the term grade point average is not a 2.25.

Special permission can be given by the Council on Student and Academic Standards for the student to remain on probation for an additional semester.

A suspended student may present a written petition for reinstatement for a subsequent semester to the Council on Student and Academic Standards through the University Registrar.  Students are responsible for explaining in the petition why their ability to meet academic requirements has improved.  Petitioning the Council does not assure reinstatement.  Exceptions to the semester suspension will be made only in extraordinary cases. 

A student may also be suspended from attendance at the University for reasons other than academic failure as determined through the University judicial process.  See the Student Handbook.