Practice in the Field

Students choosing a program to become a teacher will have multiple internship experiences spread across their 8 semesters of study. These internships are integrated and connected to courses so that theory may be practiced under the supervision of the professor as well as the mentor teachers in the school classroom. Internship placements may be in Decatur, the surrounding county schools, or in Chicago. A variety of grade levels, socio economic and demographic populations, as well as varying types of themed and magnet schools are used for internships.

Education 170/172 - Educational Internships I and II

Internships for Education 170 and 172 are usually the first internships students participate in during their education at Millikin. Students serve as teaching assistants 3 or 4 hours per week, totaling 30 hours, for an entire semester in ED 170. Alternately, this may be done in an intensive 5-day internship during university break for ED 172.

Also available is an ED 172 course that involves completing the internship at Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture. This is a total immersion internship where the culture of the area is also included in the experience.