BFA Theatre Administration

The School of Theatre and Dance is in the process of phasing out our BFA Theatre Administration degree program. Beginning in the fall of 2019 we will no longer be accepting applications for this program. In its place, the College of Fine Arts will offer an exciting new degree in Arts Administration.

The Arts Administration degree will be housed in the College of Fine Arts' Department of Arts Technology and Administration. This flexible degree program allows students to pursue either a BA or a BS while focusing on a specific area of concentration of their choosing from the following options:

  • Art Administration
  • Arts Technology Administration
  • Dance Administration
  • Music Administration
  • Theatre Administration

The Arts Administration degree is also flexible enough to add a second major or pursue a second concentration.

For a comprehensive look at what the Arts Administration degree has to offer, please visit the Arts Administration Web Page

Those specifically interested in the Theatre Administration concentration may visit Arts Administration - Theatre

You may also wish to visit the Arts Technology and Administration Home Page

If you have specific questions regarding the BS or BA in Arts Administration, please contact our Sara Theis, our Arts Administration Coordinator.

Theatre Administration, B.F.A. Required Courses

The BFA in Theatre: Theatre Administration Concentration requires 124 total credits to graduate, 77 of which must be in the major. In addition to completing Theatre Core and University Studies requirements, students must also complete the following:

Support Courses (13 credits)

  • TH135. Elements and Principles of Design (3)
  • TH323. Arts Management (3)
  • Design and Production courses: (choose 1 from) (3)
    • TH151. Fundamentals of Lighting
    • TH220. Sound for Theatre
    • MC104. Intro to Recording Studio
  • Intro to Music/Visual Culture (choose 1 from): (3)
    • MH100. Understanding Classical Music
    • MH101. Understanding Jazz Music
    • MH110. Understanding World Music
  • Dance technique/appreciation (1)

Additional Requirements (44 credits)

  • BU250. Written Business Communication (3)
  • AC210. Principles of Accounting (3)
  • CO251. Intro to Public Relations (3)
  • ET260. Create, Lead, & Own You (1)
  • MK-Marketing Course at the 300 level or above (3)
  • MG300. People & Performance (3)
  • ET340. Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3)
  • ET380. The Art of Entrepreneurship (3)
  • TH101. Theatre Practicum (1)
  • TH201. Theatre Practicum (1)
  • TH301. Theatre Practicum (1)
  • TH336. History of Theatre and Drama II (3)
  • Dramatic Literature/Theory/Criticism (6 credits)
  • Theatre Electives (10 credits)

Theatre Administration Projects/Internships (5 credits)

  • Choose (3) credits from the following:
    • TH470. Theatre Internships (1-3)
    • TH390. Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre (1-3)