Minor in Sociology (21 credits)

A minor must complete the following core courses:

  • SO100 Introduction to Sociology
  • SO250 Approaches to Sociological Theory
  • SO320 Social Stratification

And TWO of the following courses:

  • SO313 (Multiculturalism & Diversity)
  • SO326 (Economy & Society)
  • SO330 (Sociology of Gender)

*or related (upper-level) courses as approved by the Program Director


In addition, the student must complete any 2 additional courses in Sociology or the following courses from other departments: HM 215 (Human Behavior & the Social Environment)(*pre-req:SO100 or PS130), HM320 (Poverty)(*pre-req: HM214 or consent of instructor), PS305 (Social Psychology)(*pre-req: PS130), PS360 (Psychology of Stereotyping & Prejudice)(*pre-req: PS130), CO332 (Gender Communication), or other course approved by the Program Director.