College of Fine Arts Scholarships for Music

What scholarships are available for music majors?

College of Fine Arts (CFA) Scholarships are offered to students based on their talent and potential for contribution to the School of Music. For exceptionally promising musicians, we offer the Dean's Scholarship for Excellence in Music; for music business, we offer the Foley Music Business Scholarship. Recommendations for a CFA Scholarship in music are based on an audition. You are automatically considered for the Dean's Scholarship when you audition for the School of Music. Foley Scholarships are based on a separate application and subsequent interview. Since all scholarships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, it is better to schedule your audition earlier in the year rather than later. 

Those interested in ensemble participation, but not pursuing a major or minor in music, should contact School of Music Audition Coordinator Christina Jones at for information on scholarship opportunities. 


CFA Scholarship

Foley Music Business Scholarship

The Foley Scholarship is offered to one or more students majoring in music business. Eligibility is determined through an application and interview process with music industry specialist Martin Atkins.

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The Amati String Scholarship

The Amati String scholarship is intended to serve exceptionally talented string students.

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University Scholarships & Grants

Millikin University offers a number of additional scholarships each requiring unique qualifications. For a list of scholarships, requirements and application deadlines, visit the Millikin Scholarships & Grants page.  

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Financial Assistance 

Millikin University is committed to working with families to find ways in which to manage the costs of our valuable education. For more information about financial assistance available to students, including FAFSA deadlines and frequently asked questions, visit our Financial Assistance page.

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