Minor in Mathematics

A minor in mathematics is an excellent complement to majors in the natural sciences, social sciences, computer science, and business. To receive a minor in mathematics a student must successfully complete the following course of study:

  • MA140 Calculus I
  • MA208 Discrete Mathematics
  • MA240 Calculus II
  • MA303 Linear Algebra
  • At least two (2) other mathematics courses numbered 300 or higher.  

Minor in Actuarial Science

A minor in actuarial science is well-suited for students who are interested in exploring a career as an actuary.  The required courses cover material for three actuarial exams, and one course satisfies the Mathematical Statistics VEE requirement.  These courses are:

  • MA140 Calculus I
  • MA230 Regression Analysis and Time Series
  • MA240 Calculus II
  • MA304 Probability
  • MA314 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA324 Theory of Interest
  • MA434 Mathematical Finance