Students in action

The faculty in our department are committed to helping students gain practical experience in their chosen fields prior to graduation. We encourage participation in several events, including:

The History & Political Science Department prepares students for careers in national, state, and local government or in non-profit organizations. Millikin students will study domestic and foreign policy issues and decision-making processes in depth. Students can also use their internships as real-world practice of public policy theories they have learned in class. 

Student Organizations 

History and Political Science Club:  Our majors established the History and Political Science Club that works on voter outreach, organizes visits to historical sites, and invites speakers to campus.

Model Illinois Government: The purpose of the organization is to get people involved and aware of what occurs in politics in all branches of the government. The group works on researching bills, practicing speaking skills, and learning all the in's and out's of politics from party ideologies to what certain party leaders do.  They participate in Model Illinois Covernment in Springfield, Illinois every spring.

Model United Nations: It is one of the finest tools that Millikin University has for teaching international relations, diplomacy, debate and all the functional skills necessary for public interaction in an international setting. The group participates in the American Model United Nations Conference every fall in Chicago.

Moot Court: Millikin University participates each spring in the moot court competition that is held as part of the Model Illinois Government simulation. The simulation is educational in the best and fullest sense of the word.

Washington D.C. Opportunities: Students are placed according to their interests and career goals, with federal agencies, congressional or judicial offices, public interest groups, nonprofit organizations, etc. The internship allows students to integrate academic theory with practice in an applied situation.

Performance Learning

History Internships

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
112 N 6th Street
Springfield, IL 62701

Decatur Genealogical Society
356 North Main Street
Decatur, IL 62522
Contact: 217-429-0135

Macon County Historical Society Museum
5880 North Fork
Decatur, IL 62521
Contact: David Tomlin, Barbara Morrell, Dale Irwin
Phone: 217-422-4919

Political science internships 

While our internships can be arranged through the department, a Washington Semester program through American University or The Washington Center, or during a study abroad semester, for all students internships are a highlight of the undergraduate experience. Millikin students also intern as part of the Chicago Center's program.

All Millikin political science students are required to complete at least one 3-credit internship (PO 371) of 120 hours in length prior to graduation, but we encourage all of our students to obtain as much practical experience as possible. Students should complete BOTH of the following forms and contact a faculty member to supervise the internship. Internship opportunities are available on the local, state, national, and international levels.

Internships allow students to test their classroom skills, apply their political science knowledge, and experience the opportunities available to them. We keep in contact with our alumni, creating a network of Millikin political scientists who will help each other with internships and employment.