Practicing Civic Growth and Engagement

Model Illinois Government is an organization that participates in the political branches of state government at a competition in the Spring. The purpose of the organization is to get people involved and aware of what occurs in politics in all branches of the government. The group works on researching bills, practicing speaking skills, and learning all the in's and out's of politics from party ideologies to what certain party leaders do.

The competition features many colleges and universities from across the state of Illinois. Teams spend the weekend in Springfield and work in the Capitol for four days to pass bills, run MIG, and debate cases. There are a variety of jobs available in the model government structure, including journalists, staffers, moot court attorneys, state legislators, justices, and executive branch officials.

Millikin has been known over the years to send a large amount of students to participate in Moot Court, the legislative and executive parts of the competition. Millikin has won many awards over these years like best moot court team, outstanding committee chair, and best large delegation. There are many parts to the competition that all people of many interests in state government can learn, compete, and grow in their knowledge of how the state government works.

Traditionally, Millikin sends approximately 20 students and has been very successful in the competition. For further information, visit the Model Illinois Government home page.