Course Descriptions

Spring 2023 History & Political Science Course Descriptions

Fall 2022 History & Political Science Course Descriptions

Spring 2022 History & Political Science Course Descriptions

Fall 2021 History & Political Science Course Descriptions

History & Political Science Areas of Study

Bridging the Past and the Future

The Department of History seeks to provide students of all majors at Millikin with a sense of the past — with an understanding and appreciation of the political, economic, and social/cultural development of the modern world. It provides its majors with a broad knowledge of world, European, East Asian and United States history and offers them a variety of specialized courses in each. The department seeks to develop reasoning, writing, and speaking skills that prepare students for public school teaching, graduate school and college teaching, historical research and writing, government and social service, law school and the law, and careers in business. The historian is a person who endeavors to understand the complexity of the human experience, to learn from it, and to explain and interpret it. The department emphasizes the primacy of critical thought in the practice of the craft of history.

Millikin's Department of Political Science is dedicated to developing its students' understanding of the political world at both the domestic and international levels. With an emphasis on theory and practice, students explore their role as active citizens in their community, country, and the world. Through a rigorous curriculum that cultivates competency in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we seek to develop the critical thinking and analytical skills essential to our students' long-term professional success. We also seek to instill in our students the responsibilities that civil society demands and are committed to their development as active citizens and leaders of their local, national, and world communities. We are dedicated to the development of the whole student, one who is better able to understand and engage in the development of a more ethical and just society.