Preparing Writers, Readers, and Teachers

With an emphasis on learning by reflective action, Millikin offers three English majors: (1) writing, (2) literature and (3) English education. We emphasize student performance as writers, readers and teachers of English—offering an educational journey through great works of the past, exploring intriguing writings of the present, and preparing students to write, edit, publish or teach in the future. Millikin English students engage in the process of making meaning with texts AND learn by reflecting on those language processes.

Contemporary English studies integrate text analysis (critical reading) and text production (writing and publishing). Our English faculty and students consider multicultural contexts as well as employ the latest digital technologies for editing and publishing.

The major in English studies at Millikin serves both the liberal arts student with a strong interest in literature and writing as well as the student who plans to enter a profession such as teaching, web design, journalism, publishing, library science, medicine, professional writing, business, or law. English is an excellent preparation for any profession or career that requires clear thinking and writing. English studies provide a rich understanding of human experience, culture, and contemporary issues. The Department offers courses in the writers and cultural traditions of England and America, as well as international literature in translation, contemporary rhetoric, professional writing, creative writing, film, journalism, web publishing, and print media publishing.

The core curriculum

All majors in English studies take the 1 credit Introduction to Millikin English Studies the first semester they become an English major. All English majors also complete 18 credits in literary and rhetorical traditions, at least 6 credits in advanced writing studies and at least 3 credits in computer publishing technology. Each of our three English majors also requires a minimum of 12 additional advanced studies credits within the specified major. The core curriculum provides a strong foundation in literary, rhetorical, and cultural traditions. The core also ensures that all English majors graduate with expertise in advanced writing and the use of computer publishing technologies.