Art + Science

Communication is a broad field of study that helps students learn the art of connecting a message with a target audience. While writing the perfect press release is definitely an art form, we believe there's just as much science involved in creating effective, impactful communication pieces. A major or minor in communication will accommodate many different career goals and will give you the tools to combine the art and science of communication.

Develop depth in your skill set

Our program structure allows you to create functional expertise by focusing on one of three tracks within the major, or you could choose to position yourself a communications generalist and focus on a broad program of study. Either way, you can tailor your courses to your professional goals.

Practice and application

Performance learning is more than just a marketing slogan at Millikin. We require all of our students to complete a professional internship during their senior year. This allows you to partner with a professional mentor outside of the communication faculty so that you can really test your understanding of what you've learned and your ability to apply it in a professional work environment. We're confident that your skills will rise to the occasion.

General Studies Option

  • Provide more diverse flexible choices in the Communication discipline.
  • May work with your advisor to choose available courses for a more tailored approach specific to one's interests/needs.
  • Suitable for those who do not want to choose a concentration and/or want flexibility in completing a Communication degree.

Media Studies Concentration

  • Study media's roles, messages, and effects in various contexts.
  • Focus on radio and/or video production in addition to theory and professional practice in the media environment.
  • Some possible career option areas: social & digital media, editing, production, broadcasting, writing, promotion, advertising sales, and general operations.

Public Relations Concentration

  • Focus on creating and managing effective communication with internal and external audiences.
  • Help build strong, positive and effective relationships with the public through communication.
  • Some possible career areas: event planning, managing social media manager, media relations, research, promotions, fund raising.

Organizational Communication Concentration

  • Study the nature and role of communication in professional contexts.
  • Develop and manage effective communication skills to achieve professional and organizational goals.
  • Prepares students for a wide-range of careers in professional contexts.
  • Some possible career option areas: corporate communication, training, recruiting, and customer relations.

Health Communication Concentration

  • Study the role of communication in the ways that humans understand, develop, promote, and maintain health, as well as prevent, diagnose, and treat illness.
  • Engage in the application of knowledge in diverse health care contexts and issues.
  • Possible career paths: health promotion, public health, community outreach and education, medical office manager, pharmaceutical sales, patient advocate, public relations for a health care organization.

Communication Areas of Study

Communication Careers

A strong liberal arts background and intensive work in all aspects of communication uniquely qualify graduates for a variety of positions. Graduates of our program have many career options.

  • Human Services
  • Media
  • Sales
  • Counseling
  • Training and Development
  • Public Relations
  • Business
  • Publishing

Recent graduates are now working for radio and TV stations, attending graduate school, planning media events, working in universities, organizing PR campaigns, trading commodities and much more. Recent Communication Alumni positions include: Production Assistant at 120 Sports, a web-based TV channel in Chicago; Leadership Development Consultant, Pi Beta Phi National Sorority Organization; Operations Manager at WGFA Radio; Marketing communications Coordinator at Runzheimer International; Community Specialist at American Cancer Society; and Social Media Manager, Serta Company.