Can I do independent research?
Yes. The Chemistry Department encourages independent research. Internships and work study positions are also available. Many local internships are paid positions. Please ask a faculty member about these opportunities or see the Student ACS page. The Registrar has additional information about internship requirements.

What do chemistry majors do for fun?
The Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society is very active. In addition, the faculty holds events and gatherings for students.

What's the difference between a BA and a BS in chemistry?
The BA, or Bachelor of Arts, is a degree program that includes more courses outside of the major and has a foreign language requirement. It may be better suited to tight programs, such as education, or to double majors. The BS, or Bachelor of Science, requires more chemistry labs and has no foreign language requirement. Most chemistry majors complete the BS. Either degree can lead to successful careers in chemistry-related positions in many industries.

Can I get a double major?
It is possible to earn a chemistry degree in addition to another degree. Any decision about a double major involving chemistry should be discussed with our faculty members as well as faculty from the other department from which you wish to earn a degree.

Who are Leighty & Tabor?
The Leighty-Tabor Science Center is named after the generosity of donors John and Ula Leighty and Purvis F. and Roberta Tabor. Read more about Dr. Leighty, an MU Chemistry program graduate.

Is the Chemistry Department accredited?
Yes, Chemistry at Millikin is approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society. This means that the national organization for chemists has reviewed and approved our courses, pedagogy, library resources and facilities.

Can I study abroad?
Yes. Millikin University offers international programs for learning abroad.