Industry Resources

  • Psych Web This website contains lots of web-related information for students & teachers of psychology.
  • Cyberlab This web site provides useful information about research methods in psychology.
  • On-line Research Lists current actual research on-line that you can participate as a subject.
  • On-line Psychological Research Participate in research or create a study to run on-line.
  • Careers for Psychology Majors This guide helps prospective students learn more about the psychology profession.
  • Post Graduate Higher Education Opportunities  College education guide that publishes reviewed content for graduates seeking employment and post graduate opportunities.

Graduate School Information

Students majoring in Human Services and Psychology are urged to use a variety of resources to locate graduate school options. The Behavioral Sciences Department maintains a collection of books describing career opportunities, U.S. graduate school listings, and other career information. These materials may be checked out from the departmental secretary.