It's advised that you make an appointment as early as possible. For a:

  • 1-7 pp. paper: schedule 30 min
  • 8-12 pp. paper: schedule 60 min
  • 12+pp. will need multiple sessions

To make an appointment:

  1. Go to myMillikin > Academics
  2. Click on our icon
  3. Fill out the appointment request, and you're done!

You'll receive confirmation of your appointment AND a reminder the day before! If you schedule an appointment but are unable to attend, please let us know. Thanks!

What You Need to Bring

  1. A copy of your assignment
  2. A hard copy of your draft (no laptops, please!)
  3. Your questions and concerns!

The Writing Center will not:

  • "Fix" a specific writing assignment with a one-time visit
  • Proofread papers for students
  • Offer a "grade" on any draft
  • Papers are not dropped off and picked up

We are, instead, a teaching and enhancement center where students come to have conversations about writing in all of its varied phases and complexities. We offer ourselves as professional and knowledgeable readers who have developed experiences with writing purposes, tasks, audiences, and goals. We serve the entire spectrum of writers, from those who consider themselves experienced and those who find even basic writing tasks intimidating and frustrating. We are here to help you.