Millikin University continues to be committed to the health and well-being of its entire community. This commitment has, among other things, required us to be flexible in the ways our students, faculty and staff engage in learning. Millikin University's plan is to return to a more focused-in person approach to delivering on the promise of education. Academic programs will be available through online delivery for courses that cannot be safely delivered in-person. Hybrid delivery will be considered for courses that cannot be safely delivered in-person but would benefit from some significant in-person engagement.

We encourage students to familiarize themselves with the different modalities available for fall 2021 courses. While not every course can be available in every format, various modes of instruction will be available for students to select. Students may find the delivery method for a specific course in MUOnline, under “Schedule Type” in the course description or within their individual course schedule once it has been finalized for the semester. Possible schedule types include lecture (in-person), online or hybrid. Details about each method of instruction are as follows:

In-Person Courses

In-person courses will take place on campus, with a group of students meeting according to a predetermined schedule. Appropriate social and physical distancing measures and face coverings will be required for non-vaccinated persons. 

Online Courses

All instruction in online courses will be fully delivered over the internet. Students will not meet in-person in the classroom with students or faculty. Students will need a reliable internet connection and audio/video capability in order to ensure successful completion of online courses. Courses may be delivered either synchronously or asynchronously.

  • Synchronous delivery: courses delivered synchronously meet online with other registered students on specified days and times and are led by faculty utilizing online learning tools such as Zoom. Participating in courses during their scheduled times is a must for success.
  • Asynchronous delivery: courses delivered asynchronously are taught via online methods, but they do not take place on a specific day or time. Students are generally given assignments to complete at times that work for their personal schedules, and deadlines for submission of assignments are provided. Students will need to log in to their courses regularly in order to keep up with class requirements.

Hybrid Courses

Each course taught in a hybrid format will look slightly different and will be crafted in a manner that allows the faculty member to meet the specific needs of the course and its students. The specifics of delivery will be outlined in each course’s syllabus. In most cases, courses will include both in-person and online delivery. In-person components will be subject to physical distancing and face covering requirements. Online components may take place via synchronous or asynchronous delivery as described above.

Registration for fall 202a classes remains open to allow students to make adjustments to their schedules. Students should consult with their academic advisors before making schedule changes.

Whatever the method of instruction, Millikin University is dedicated to helping students succeed. Opportunities to successfully engage with faculty, fellow students and course materials are provided in all formats. Students in all modalities will have access to support services for academic success, including advising, access to faculty, Writing Center, Math Center and resources coordinated by the Center for Academic and Professional Performance (CAPP), including, but not limited to, tutors and supplemental instruction.