Classroom Resources

This page contains web resources on early childhood music, music education research, music games for home and school, music theory training, music repertoire search engines, notation tools, and teaching classroom instruments.

Early Childhood Music Resources

Music Together

Music Together is an early childhood music and movement program for children from birth through age 7.


Musikgarten offers a complete multi-year educational program that helps infants, toddlers, and children develop a deep love of music. They provide training for teachers on how to guide infants, toddlers, and children in developing a love of music.

Music Education Research

Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM)

RILM is a comprehensive bibliography of writings on music history & literature, ethnomusicology, and education since 1967. Today RILM has over 600,000 records in 214 languages from 151 countries.

Music Games for Home and School

This website focuses on learning about classical music to help students meet National and State Standards. There are many activities and games available for students to use in their free time. In addition, there are many teacher resources, which includes lesson plans and activity handouts.

New York Philharmonic Kidzone

This website by the New York Philharmonic has games for children to explore and learn more about music.

This website has many fun music games that are inspired by PBS TV shows.

This website maintained by the San Francisco Symphony features musical games that focus on instruments and composition.

This website features musical games that are paired with a major work. Appropriate for lower elementary grades.

This website provides games that connect music to other common core subjects, like math and language arts.

This website by the Dallas Symphonic Orchestra Kids includes musical games and practice tips for young instrumentalists.

KUSC is a public radio station that promotes classical music as a living art. Creative Kids Central of KUSC has games for children to explore and learn more about music. It is a broadcast service of the University of Southern California.

This website allows students to explore and create music.

This music database allows students and teachers to download different musical activities.

This website explores the connection between music and science.

Music Repertoire Search Engines

This search engine features a variety of folk songs appropriate for the elementary classroom.

This website provides a comprehensive database of wind literature.

This website allows music teachers to share songs and ideas regarding children's music.

Music Theory Training Resources

his website can help students learn music theory and practice music theory and ear training skills.

Here is another great website to learn and exercise music theory skills.

This website can be used for students to practice their music theory skills for free. There is also an option for teachers who are interested in subscribing for downloadable software.

Notation Tools Websites

This website allows one to generate blank sheet music and print out for use.

This free downloadable program allows for students to explore the more technical processes of composition.

This free notation website is great for teachers and students who are interested in notating and transcribing music.

Teaching Instruments in the Classroom

Ukulele Websites:

This website is a great tool for teachers who want to incorporate the ukulele in their classrooms. There are many free resources to get a class started with a ukulele program.

This website has many free ukulele videos and resources to help beginning students on ukulele.

This website gives free ukulele lessons, chords, and tabs to help include ukulele in a music classroom.

Recorder Websites:

This website has a clear graphic of all fingerings for the recorder.

This website contains fun jazz and creative tunes for recorder learning.

This website is a great resources for teachers to begin a recorder program in their classroom. There are free lesson plans, transparencies, and a student booklet available to download and print.

Guitar Websites:

This website is great for beginning classroom guitar teachers. There are many teacher resources that include a beginning student workbook available to download and print.

This is another great website with free resources for classroom guitar teachers. These free resources include lesson plans and printable handouts.