Title Composer Publisher Year Call Number
"Country Band" March   Arr.
James B. Sinclair 
Merion Music, Inc  1935 M1260.I94C68
"Ye Banks and Braes O'Bonnie Doon"  Percy Aldridge 
G. Schirmer, Inc  1949  M1245.G735Y41949 
A Childhood Hymn David Holsinger  Wingert-Jones Music,
1991  M1245.H65C41991 
A Hymn for Band  Hugh M. Stuart  Hal Leonard Corporation  1985  M1245.S78H96 
A Little French Suite Pierre La Plante  Bourne Co.  1987  M1203.L314L51987
A Manx Overture  Arr. T. Conway Brown  Boosey and Hawkes  1937 M1255.W6M3 
A Movement of Rosa  Mark Camphouse  TRN Music Publisher, Inc  1994  M1245.C35M61994 
A Quiet Rain   Walter Cummings  Grand Mesa Music Publishers  2004  M1245.C86Q542004 
A Shaker Hymn  John O'Reilly  Alfred Publishing Co.  1995  M1245.O74S51995 
A Song for Friends  Larry Daehn  Daehn Publications  1997  M1245.D34S61997 
Adagio for Winds  Jan Van der Roost  De Haske Publications  2006  M1245.V36A332006 
Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual  Robert W. Smith  Belwin Band  1994  M1245.S64A371994 
African Festival      Arr. Quincy Hilliard, Chick Elledge, Bruce Pearson  Kjos Music Company 1999  M1245.A36H51999
African Folk Trilogy  Arr. Anne McGinty  Queenwood/Kjos  1998  M1245.M34A471998 
African Sketches  James Curnow  Hal Leonard Corporation  1992 M1245.C87A41992
Ahrirang  Arr. Robert Garofalo and Garwood Whaley  Meredith Music Publications 1985 M1245.G37A371985 
Air and Dance      John Kinyon  Alfred Publishing Co. 1982  M1245.K56A51982 
All the Pretty Little Horses Arr. Anne McGinty  Queenwood/Kjos  2002  M1245.M195A52002 
All Ye Young Sailors  Pierre La Plante  Daehn Publications  2005  M1258.L37A552005 
Allerseelen  Richard Strauss  Ludwig Music Publishing Company  1955  M1258.S8A451987 
Along the Caney Folk  Arr. James L. Hosay  Curnow Music  1997  M1258.H67A461997 
Amazing Grace  Frank Ticheli  Manhattan Beach Music   1994  M1245.T52A51994 
Amazing Grace  Arr. John Edmondson  Queenwood/Kjos  1990  M1258.E35A41990 
American Folk Suite  Barry E. Kopetz  Jack Cook Music Publisher  1997  M1203.K67A41997 
American Riversongs Pierre La Plante  Daehn Publications  1991  M1245.L37A51991 
American Salute  Morton Gould  Belwin Band 1943  M1260.G68A4 
An American Rhapsody  Haydn Wood  Boosey and Hawkes  1941  M1258.W6A4 
An Irish Interlude  Warren Barker  Alfred Publishing Co. 1986  M1245.B35I71986 
An Irish Rhapsody  Clare Grundman  Boosey and Hawkes  1909  M1245.G889I6
An Original Suite  Gordon Jacob  Boosey and Hawkes  1928  M1203.J3O71959 
An Outdoor Overture  Aaron Copland  Boosey and Hawkes  1948  M1255.C6O8 
Ancient Voices  Michael Sweeney  Hal Leonard Corporation  1994  M1245.S94A51994 
Apotheosis of this Earth  Karel Husa  Associated Music Publishers, Inc  1971  M1245.H88A6 
Armenian Dances Part 1  Alfred Reed   Fox Publishing Company  1974 M1203.R323A721974 
Country Wildflowers  Larry Daehn  Daehn Publications  1998  M1245.D34C61998 
Creed   William Himes  Kjos Music Company  1988  M1245.H47C721988 
Dance of the Jesters  Trans. Ray E. Cramer  Curnow Music  1997  M1245.T34D361997 
Dance of the New World  Dana Wilson  Ludwig Masters Publications  1996  M1245.W56D361996 
Daughter of the Stars  Warren Benson  Meredith Music Publications  1998  M1245.B46D341998 
Daydream  Timothy Mahr  Kjos Music Company   1992  M1245.M34D391992 
Declaration and Dance  Larry Clark  Alfred Publishing Co.     1996  M1245.C51D31996 
Deir In De Arr. Warren Barker  C.L. Barnhouse Company  1990  M1245.B366D41990 
Dinosaurs  Daniel Bukvich  Pheobus Publications  1991  M1245.H65N281991 
Diversion  Berhard Heiden  Etiole Music, Inc  1985  M1206.H45D58 
Divertimento for Band
Op. 42 
Vincent Persichetti  Oliver Ditson Company  1951  M1203.P44D591951 
Down a Country Lane  Arr. Merlin Patterson  Boosey and Hawkes  1991  M1258.C784D741991 
Down a Longford Way and Shenandoah  Trans. Leroy Osmon  RBC Publications  1990  M1258.G73D61990 
Dreams and Fancies  Timothy Broege  Hal Leonard Corporation  1988  M1245.B76D71988 
Early English Suite  Arr. Walter Finlayson  Boosey and Hawkes  1963  M1254.D86E2 
Elegy  John Barnes Chance  Boosey and Hawkes 1972  M1245.C43E41972 
Elegy for a Young American   Ronald Lo Presti  Theodore Presser Company  1967  M1245.L67E5 
Emblems  Aaron Copland  Boosey and Hawkes  1965  M1245.C67E431965 
Emperor Valse  Johann Strauss  Boosey and Hawkes  1940  M1266.S8K3 
English Folk Song Suite Ralph Vaughan Williams  Boosey and Hawkes  1924  M1203.V37E581924 
Ere the World Began to Be  Jack Stamp  Daehn Publications  1996  M1245.S73E71996 
Fa Una Conzona  Larry Daehn  Daehn Publications  1990  M1245.D24F31990 
Fanfare Ode and Festival  Bob Margolis  Manhattan Beach Music   1982  M1203.M37F361982 
Fantasia in G  Timothy Mahr  Kjos Music Company  1983  M1245.M3F361983 
Fantasia in G Major  Arr. Richard Franko Goldman, Robert L. Leist Mercury Music Corporation 1960  M1258.B12F36 
Fantasies on a Theme by Haydn  Norman Dello Joio  Marks Music Company  1968  M1245.D4F31968 
Fantasy on "Yankee Doodle"  Mark Williams  Alfred Publishing Co.  1995  M1268.W25F31995 
Fantasy on Sakura Sakura  Ray E. Cramer   TRN Music Publisher, Inc  1992  M1245.C73F31992 
Ferlands's March and Recessional William P. Rowan Morning Star Music Publishers 2001  M1260.R6F472001 
Festivo   Edward Gregson  Studio Music London  1987  M1245.G823F41987 
Fiesta del Pacifico Roger Nixon  Boosey and Hawkes  2010  M1245.N59F532010 
First Suite in E Flat Gustav Holst Boosey and Hawkes  1921  M1203.H6S81 
First Suite in F Thom Ritter George Southern Music Company  1975  M1203.G46F51998 
Flourish for Wind Ensemble  Ralph Vaughan Williams  Oxford University Press  1972  M1204.V38L561972 
Four French Songs   Robert Hanson  Souther Music Company  1973  M1245.H36F68 
Four Scottish Dances  Arr. John P. Paynter  Carl Fischer  1978  M1262.A76S251978
Fugue in G  J.S. Bach, Arr. Yoshihiro Kimura  De Haske Publications  1993  M1245.B33F841993 
George Washington Bridge  William Schuman  G. Schirmer, Inc.  1951  M1245.S342G41951 
Ginger Marmalade  Warren Benson  Carl Fischer  1978  M1245B44G51978 
Glorioso  Robert W. Smith Belwin Band  1997  M1245.S62G51997 
Grant County Celebration  Mark Williams  Alfred Publishing Co. 1993  M1245.W54G71993 
Greenwillow Portrait  Mark Williams Alfred Publishing Co.  1988  M1245.W715G731988 
Hammersmith  Gustav Holst  Boosey and Hawkes  1956  M1245.H65H21986 
Highbridge Excursions  Mark Williams  Alfred Publishing Co.  1995  M1245.W55H541995 
Homage   Jan Van der Roost  De Haske Publications  1994  M1245.R65H61994 
Homage March  Richard Wanger Boosey and Hawkes      1904  M1247.W3 
Hotaru Koi  Arr. Nancy Fairchild  Carl Fischer  1996  M1245.F25H61996 
Hungarian Folkround  Arr. Robert Garofalo, Garwood Whaley      Meredith Music Publications  1985  M1205.G37H81985 
Huntingtower  Arr. Eiji Suzuki  Brain Music  2001  M1245.R48H82001 
I Am  Andrew Boysen, Jr.  Kjos Music Company  1992  M1245.B793I41992 
Imperium  Michael Sweeney  Hal Leonard Corporation  1992  M1245.S94I61992 
Impressions  John Higgins  Creative Music, Inc  1969  M1245.H545I477 
In Dulci Jubilo  Arr. John Zdechlik  Kjos Musc Company  1988  M1245.Z55I61988 
In Memoriam: Kristina   Bruce Yurko  Ludwig Masters Publications  2002  M1245.Y95I52002 
In the Bleak Midwinter  Arr. Robert W. Smith  Alfred Publishing Co.  1992 M1258.H64M531992 
In the Shining of Stars   Robert Sheldon  Birch Island Music Press  1996  M1245.S53I61996 
Incantation and Dance  John Barnes Chance  Boosey and Hawkes  1963  M1245.C43I5 
Japanese Folk Trilogy  Anne McGinty  Queenwood/Kjos  1996  M1245.M34J31996 
Japanese Tune  Soichi Konagaya  Molenaar Edition BV  1987  M1245.K66J371987 
Jota Aragonesa  M. Glinka  Boosey and Hawkes   1940  M1258.G5J6 
Kaddish   W. Francis McBeth Southern Music Company 1977  M1245.M223K3 
Kentucky 1800 Clare Grundman  Boosey and Hawkes  1987  M1245.G78K31987 
Kenya Contrasts  William Himes  Curnow Music   1996  M1245.H54K451996 
King Orry   Haydn Wood Boosey and Hawkes  1939  M1245.W6K5 
Korean Folk Rhapsody  Arr. James Curnow  Hal Leonard Corporation      1988  M1258.C927K671988 
Korean Folk Song Medley  Arr. James D. Ployhar  Belwin Band  1971  M1268.P56K671974 
La Fiesta Mexicana  H. Owen Reed  Belwin-Mills Publishing Co.  1954  M1245.R44F41954 
La Volta  William Byrd, Arr. Katheryn Fenske  Daehn Publications  1996  M1245.B95V61996 
Legend of Knife River  Stephen Bulla Curnow Music  1997  M1245.C87L21997 
Lincolnshire Posy  Percey Aldridge Grainger  G. Schirmer, Inc.  1940  M1245.G73B751993 
Linden Lea  Arr. John W. Stout  Boosey and Hawkes   1984  M1259.V371L51984 
Little English Suite   Clare Grundman  Boosey and Hawkes  1968  M1203.G78L51968 
Little Suite for Band  Clare Grundman  Boosey and Hawkes  1957  M1203.G78L51957 
Liturgical Fanfare  Robert W. Smith  Belwin Band  1995  M1245.S62L51995 
Liturgical Music for Band  Martin Mailman  Belwin Band  1967  M1245.M35L581967 
Llwyn Onn  Brian Hogg  Brolga Music  1990  M1245.H65L591990 
Lyric Music Rober Starer  Manhattan Beach Music  1988  M1245.S74L971988 
Madrigal for Band  Arr. Anne McGinty Queenwood/Kjos  1994  M1245.M34M31994 
March from Le Coq D'or Arr. H.F. Luckhardt  Boosey and Haweks  1943  M1260.R5C6 
Marche Heroique  Camille Saint - Saens  Boosey and Hawkes  1906  M1247.S3M3 
Masquerade for Band  Vincent Persichetti  Elkan-Vogel, Inc  1966  M1203.P4M31966 
Masque  W. Francis McBeth  Southern Music Company  1968  M1245.M33M361968 
Mazama   Jay Chattaway  William Allen Music Publications  1985  M1245.C4377M381985 
Mini-Suite  Morton Gould  G. Schirmer, Inc.  1964  M1203.G7M51990 
Modal Song and Dance  Elliot Del Borgo  William Allen Music Publications  1985  M1245.D45M631985 
Music For Prague  Karel Husa  Associated Music Publishers, Inc.  1968  M1203.H88M9 
Music from the Great Hall  Arr. Karen Fenske  Daehn Publications  1998  M1245F46M81998 
Mystery on Mena Mountain      Julie Giroux-West  Southern Music Company  1985  M1245.G57M91985 
Night Dance  Bruce Yurko  Ludwig Masters Publications  1996  M1245.Y87N51996 
Nottingham Castle  Larry Daehn  Daehn Publications  1997  M1245.D34N61997
Of Dark Lords and Ancient Kings   Roland Barrett  Wingert-Jones Music, Inc. 1995  M1245.B37O31995 
Old Home Dayes  Arr. Jonathan Elkus  Peer Music Classical  1979  M1254.I95O441979 
Old Scottish Melody  Setting, Charles A. Wiley  TRN Music Publisher, Inc  1977  M1245.W54O4 
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss David Holsinger  TRN Music Publisher, Inc  1989  M1245.H647O51989 
Ostinato Pianissimo  Henry Cowell  New Music Edition  1934  M1245.C874O7 
Overture for Winds  Charles Carter  Bourne Co.  1959  1204.C37O91959 
Overture for Winds Arr. John Boyd  Ludwig Masters Publications  1981  M1255.46O941981 
Overture on a Shaker Tune  John Higgins  Hal Leonard Corporation  1986  M1204.H53O91986 
Overture to "Candide"  Clare Grundman  Boosey and Hawkes  1986  M1255.B47O941986     
Pageant  Vincent Persichetti  Carl Fischer  1954  M1245.P4P1331954 
Peace Song  Timothy Broege  Murbo Music Publishing, Inc  1993  M1245.B76P41993 
Peregrin: A Traveler's tale  Douglas Akey  Queenwood/Kjos  1994  M1245.A44P471994 
Plymouth Trilogy  Anthony Iannaccone  Ludwig Masters Publications  1985  M1204.I26P51985 
Polly Oliver  Thomas R. Root  Kjos Music Company  1977  M1245.R667P651977 
Polonaise   Arr. W. J. Duthoit  Boosey and Hawkes  1937  M1266.R5P6 
Portrait of a Clown  Frank Ticheli  Manhattan Beach Music  1989  M1245.T53P61989 
Prelude and Fugue in Bflat Major  Arr. Roland L. Moehlmann  Belwin Band   1955  M1259.B33P741955 
Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo  Arr. John P. Paynter  Carl Fischer  1979  M1245.A74L51979 
Primordium  Mark Williams  Alfred Publishing Co.  1999  M1245.W547P71999 
Profanation  Leonard Bernstein  Boosey and Hawkes  1943  M1245.B47P7 
Prospect  Pierre La Plante  Bourne Co.  1983  M1245.L37P71983 
Psalm for Band   Vincent Persichetti  Elkan-Vogel, Inc.  1954  M1245.P4P7 
Rahosymedre  Arr. Walter Beeler  ECS Publishing  1972  M1258.V347R51972 
Rainbow Bridge  Anne McGinty  Queenwood Publications 1996 M1245.M34R31996
Renaissance Festival and Dance  Arr. Bruce Pearson  Kjos Music Publishing   1995  M1203.P41R251995 
Renaissance Suite  Arr. Jim Curnow  Hal Leonard Corporation  1983  M1258.S87R31983 
Resting in the Peace of His Hands  John Gibson  Southern Music Company  1995  M1245.G513R41995 
Retreat and Pumping Song  David Stanhope  Southern Music Company  2001  M1245.S736R42001 
Rhenish Folk Festival  Albert Oliver Davis  Ludwig Masters Publications  1983  M1245.D39R41983 
Roumaninan Rhapsody  George Enesco  Boosey and Hawkes   1938  M1258.E3R6 
Russian Christmas Music  Alfred Reed  Belwin Band  1969  M1245.R44R87 
Sakura   Arr. Michael Story   Alfred Publishing Co.  1995  M1245.S759S31995 
Sandy Bay March   Brian West Brolga Music  1989  M1247.W47S21989 
Satiric Dances  Norman Dello Joio  Associated Music Publishers, Inc.  1975  M1245.D44S381975 
Scenes from "The Louvre"  Norman Dello Joio  Marks Music Company  1966  M1254.D45L71966 
Sea Songs  Ralph Vaughan Williams  Boosey and Hawkes  1924  M1245.V38S431991 
Second Suite in F  Gustav Holst  Boosey and Hawkes  1911  M1203.H54S431984 
Shakata   Dana Wilson  Ludwig Music Publishing Company 1993  M1245.W55S4 
Siegfried's Journey to the Rhine   Arr. A. Hibbert  Boosey and Hawkes   1939  M1269.W3R5 
Sinfonia No. 3 for Brass Choir  Walter S. Hartley  Tenuto Publications  1966  M1245.H37S4 
Sinfonia No.  4 Walter S. Hartley  Wingert-Jones Music, Inc.  1967  M1201.H37S951991 
Sinfonia Six  Timothy Broege   Manhattan Beach Music  1982  M1245.B76S561982 
Sinfonia V  Timothy Broege  Manhattan Beach Music 1990  M1201.B78S561990 
Sketches on a Tudor Psalm  Fisher Tull  Boosey and Hawkes  1973  M1245.T85S541973 
Snakes for Symphonic Wind Ensemble Thomas C. Duffy Ludwig Music Publishing Company  1991  M1245.D84S5 
Soldier's Processional and Sword Dance Bob Margolis  Manhattan Beach Music  1992  M1262.S88S641993 
Song for the Winter Moon  Walter Cummings  Grand Mesa Music Publishers  2008  M1245.C86S82008 
St. Anne's Fugue  Arr. William E. Rhodes  Southern Music Company  1965  M1258.B136S251965 
Suite Divertimento  Jay W. Gilbert  Southern Music Company  1997  M1245.G55S851997 
Suite for Bohemia  Vaclav Nelhybel  E.C. Kerby Ltd.  1969  M1203.N44S831972 
Suite Francaise  Darius Milhaud  Universal Music Corp.   1945  M1203.M54S81946 
Suite of French Christmas Carols  Thom Ritter George  Rochester Music Publishers  2963  M1203.G46S9 
Suite of Old American Dances  Robert Russell Bennett  Chappell & Co.   1952  M1254.B46S841952 
Suite on Greek Love Songs Henk van Lijnschooten Molenaar Edition BV  1984  M1203.L54S8 
Suite Symphonique  J. Leleu  Alponse Leduc  1926  M1203.L53S8 
Sun Dance  Frank Ticheli  Manhattan Beach Music  1997  M1245.T52S861997 
Symphonic Songs for Band Robert Russell Bennett Chappell/Intersong Music Group USA  1958  M1245.B46S9 
Symphonie for Band  Louis E. Jadin  Shawnee Press, Inc.  1974  M1201.S989J31963 
Symphony for Band   Vincent Persichetti   Elkan-Vogel, Inc.  1958  M1245.P4S961958 
Symphony No. 3  Vittorio Giannini  Warner Bros Publications, Inc.  1961  M1201.G5S981989 
Symphony No. 5 Finale  Arr. R.O. Klepfer Boosey and Hawkes 1944  M1254.T3Op.64 
The Battle Pavane  Arr. Bob Margolis  Manhattan Beach Music  1981  M1258.S994D361981 
The Headless Horseman   Timothy Broege   Manhattan Beach Music  1980  M1245.B76H41980 
The Irish Washerwoman  Leroy Anderson  Belwin Band  1953  M1245.A53I75 
The Leaves are Falling  Warren Benson  Marks Music Company  1966  M1245.B45L41966 
The Maide of Pskov Haydn Wood   Boosey and Hawkes  1939  M1255.R5P8 
The Minute Arachnida  Robert M. Jordan  TRN Music Publisher, Inc.  1987  M1245.J67M51987 
The New Anzacs  Brian Hogg  Brolga Music  1991  M1245.H65N281991 
The Red Balloon  Anne McGinty  Queenwood/Kjos  1993  M1245.H32R421993 
The Renaissance Fair Bob Margolis  Manhattan Beach Music  1993  M1202.M37R461993 
The Secret Marriage Overture  Arr. Aubrey Winter  Boosey and Hawkes  1938  M1255.C5M3 
The Solitary Dancer  Warren Benson  Carl Fischer  1970  M1245.B46S652003 
The Stars Asleep the Break of Day Bob Margolis Manhattan Beach Music 1995  M1245.M36S81995
The Tempest  Robert W. Smith  Belwin Band   1995  M1245.S62T451995 
The Two Minute Symphony  Bob Margolis  Manhattan Beach Music  1989  M1201.M37T961989 
Theme and Variations  Timothy Broege  Manhattan Beach Music  1995  M1245.B76T471995 
Third Movement from Symphony No. 2  Johannes Brahms  Boosey and Hawkes  1942  M1254.B7Op.73 
Three Ayres from Gloucester Hugh M. Stuart  Shawnee Press, Inc.  1969  M1245.S78T51969 
Three Chorale Preludes  William P. Latham   Belwin Band  1956  M1245.L38C4 
Three Hungarian Songs  Bela Bartok  Bourne Co.  1957  M1245.B37T47 
Three London Miniatures Mark Camphouse  TRN Music Publisher, Inc.  1998  M1245.C36T41998 
Three on the Isle  Hugh M. Stuart  TRN Music Publisher, Inc.  1990  M1245.S78T521990 
Three Pieces for American Band Set No. 2  Timothy Broege  Bourne Co.  1982  M1245.B865P51992 
Three Sketches for Winds  Clare Grundman  Boosey and Hawkes  1969  M1245.G78T5 
Toccata  Arr. Earl Slocum  Belwin Band  1942  M1258.F74T6 
Toccata for Band  Frank Erickson  Bourne Co.  1961  M1245.E74T621961 
Toccata Marziale  Ralph Vaughan Williams  Boosey and Hawkes  1924  M1245.V38T61924 
Trail of Tears  James Barnes  Southern Music Company  1990  M1202.B37T731990 
Train Heading West  Timothy Broege  Manhattan Beach Music  1998  M1203.B76T71998 
Trauermusik  Arr. John Boyd  Ludwig Music Publishing Company  1994  M1254.W3T71994 
Turnbridge Fair  Walter Piston  Boosey and Hawkes  1951  M1245.P679T921951 
Two Grainger Melodies  Trans. Joseph Kreines  C.L. Barnhouse Company  1988 M1258.G72B741988 
Variants on "Scarborough Fair"  Calvin Custer  Hal Leonard Corporation  1989  M1203.C87V31989 
Variations on a Korean Folk Song  John Barnes Chance  Boosey and Hawkes  1967  M1203.C43V371967 
Variants on a Mediaeval Tune  Norman Dello Joio  Marks Music Company  1963  M1203.D5V31990 
Variations on a Bach Chorale  Jack Stamp  Kjos Music Company  2000  M1245.S73V372000 
Venus   Gustav Holst  Watchdog Music Co. 2002  M1262.G74F772002 
Visions on an Old American Tune  Wayne Pegram  Kjos Music Company  1999  M1245.P44V51999 
Watchman, Tell Us of the Night  Mark Camphouse  Kjos Music Company  1996  M1245.C36W31996 
Welsh Rhapsody   Arr. T. Conway Brown  Boosey and Hawkes 1904  M1268.G4W4 
Westridge Overture  James Barnes  Southern Music Company  1983  M1204.B37W421991 
When the Stars Began to Fall  Set by: Fred J. Allen  TRN Music Publisher, Inc.   1992  M1258.A44W441992 
William Byrd Suite  Gordon Jacob  Boosey and Hawkes 1991 M1254.B97W51991
With Quiet Courage  Larry Daehn  Daehn Publications  1995  M1245.D34W41995 
With Trumpets Sounding   Ralph Hultgren  Brolga Music  1989  M1245.H85W51989 
Yorkshire Ballad  James Barnes  Southern Music Company  1985  M1245.B37Y6 
Zion  Dan Welcher  Elkan-Vogel, Inc.  1998  M1245.W45Z51998