Director of the School of Nursing

School of Nursing


The Director of the School of Nursing (SON) reports directly to the Dean of the College of Professional Studies (CPS), provides leadership to the SON in achieving its mission, goals, and expected program outcomes, and is administratively responsible for all aspects of the School of Nursing programs.


  • Eligibility for tenure track appointment at the rank of associate or full professor
  • Earned doctorate in nursing or closely related field 
  • A graduate degree in nursing 
  • Minimum of two years of experience in clinical practice
  • Minimum of three years full-time experience teaching in an accredited baccalaureate or higher degree nursing program with knowledge of accreditation processes and administrative responsibilities
  • Current licensure as a registered professional nurse in Illinois or eligible to obtain licensure
  • Demonstrated leadership in nursing education and excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service


Standards, Accreditation, and Licensure

  • Ensures that all SON programs, committee activities, and SON policies remain in compliance with the Illinois Nurse Practice Act and the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Ensures continuing professional accreditation of all programs in the School of Nursing including reporting requirements
  • Serves as liaison to the Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation,

as well as state and national professional organizations

  • Provides oversight for the Master Plan of Evaluation for the School of Nursing
  • Ensures that faculty, student, and program records are in compliance with University, State, and accreditation requirements
  • Ensures that faculty and students are in compliance with clinical agency requirements


  • Ensures compliance of curriculum with all university and SON academic policies
  • Ensures the ongoing review of the curriculum and student outcomes to assure that both are meeting standards appropriate to the discipline 
  • Provides guidance and leadership in the development and implementation of all SON programs
  • Maintains awareness of current trends in nursing education


  • Ensures compliance with all university and SON personnel policies
  • Collaborates with the Undergraduate and Graduate Chairs of the SON and the Dean of the CPS in the selection, evaluation, promotion, and retention of faculty for the School of Nursing
  • Provides oversight to the selection, orientation, and evaluation of adjunct faculty
  • Mentors faculty and staff to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities to the SON and the university
  • Promotes and supports grant and professional development opportunities for SON faculty
  • Facilitates faculty, staff, and program development
  • Provides formative and summative evaluation of faculty and staff in the SON 
  • Serves as Chair of the Nurse Faculty Organization


  • Completes workload assignments and provides oversight of class schedules in coordination with the Undergraduate and Graduate Chairs and faculty

  • Provides leadership and mentoring to faculty related to instructional and scholarship activities

  • Leads the development of a strategic plan which will guide the SON in maintaining its standards of excellence and meeting the needs of its community of interest as well as being consistent with the planning and direction of the university as a whole

  • Facilitates the development of clinical sites and collaborates with the Dean of CPS to maintain collaborative agreements with clinical partners

Resource Development and Management

  • Prepares and administers the annual SON budget in collaboration with the Dean
  • Evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of budget resources
  • Collaborates with the Millikin Grant Development Office to seek and secure funding for the SON

Student Recruitment/Retention/Progression

  • Oversees and participates in recruitment for all SON programs
  • Provides oversight and ensures effectiveness of the student advising system in the School of Nursing
  • Provides oversight of student progression in all SON programs

Internal Relationships

  • Serves as programmatic liaison or designates SON representatives to other departments, committees, and councils within the University

External Relationships

  • Maintains active positive relationships with clinical partners.

  • Provides direction for marketing and public relations for the SON in collaboration with the University Director of Marketing
  • Participates in professional activities at the local, regional, and national levels

Supervision Provided

  • SON Faculty
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Chairs of the School of Nursing
  • Administrative Assistants for the School of Nursing


The Director will teach no more than 3 hours per academic year and will serve as Chair or Committee member of a maximum of three Graduate and/or DNP Scholarly projects


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