The Summer Leadership Academy

The Long-Vanderburg Leadership Academy’s focus is to empower students to be passionate and intentional in their journey to develop their personal, academic, social and professional skills as an undergraduate student and scholar at Millikin University.

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Exploring Identity and Societal Expectations

The major focus of this first semester course is the examination and critique of historical and contemporary societal issues as they relate to social (race, class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) identities, while learning about the history of the LV Scholars Program.  The course will involve considerable research and writing.

Enjoy watching how identity and societal expectations have played a role in the lives of these LV Scholars


Developing Leaders through Service

LV Scholars enrolled in this course will examine leadership development through the social change model.  Students are guided through leadership development and encouraged to participate in leadership opportunities across the Millikin University campus.

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​Professional Development & Baccalaureate Advancement

LV Scholars will explore career development and post-baccalaureate opportunities.  LV Scholars are also encouraged to critically examine and juxtapose their life plans with their core values, passions, and propensities.

Take a peek at videos from MU Long Vanderburg Scholars discussing their Leadership Philosophies:


​Demonstrating and Living Scholarship, Leadership, and Service

LV Scholars will develop a final senior capstone research project, paper, or performance.  In this course, LV Scholars will develop their final projects with a member of the LV Advisory Committee or a faculty member/mentor.


At Millikin, we believe that global experiences are powerful. They build confidence, encourage students to graduate, and make them more attractive to employers. The Long-Vanderburg Scholars Program has invested in providing global experiences to program participants. Each academic year, the Long-Vanderburg Program offers travel grants to deserving Junior scholars. These students have maintained academic excellence while in the program. Enjoy those student experiences below:


Switzerland Study Abroad
Haley Hogenkamp, lv scholar, tri delta 
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Italy Immersion
Brittney Freeman
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Italy Immersion
Alexis Lexi Leggs, tri delta, lv scholar 
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London Study Abroad
Joshua Miller, lv scholar, theatre, acting
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Murcia Spain Study Abroad
lv scholar, ms. ebony, tabor major, ketyra taylor, leadership, abroad, spain
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Murcia Spain Study Abroad
Jocy, Jocelyn Hernandez, Tabor, lv scholar, alpha chi omega   
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Murcia Spain Study Abroad
Toni Pennington, lv scholar 
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London Study Abroad
Eleanor Vestal, lv scholar, alumni 
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Rome Study Abroad
Nick Truog, lv scholar 
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Dominican Republic Immersion
Bianca White, lv scholar, sister circle president

Chile   Immersion

Ebony Hughey, lv, scholar. leighty tabor, science, '14

South Africa  Immersion
Deja Finley, DJ, lv scholar, science, leighty tabor


South Africa   Immersion
Shakira Milton, Pi Beta Phi, lv scholar