Millikin School of Theatre and Dance

Millikin officially broke ground on its new Center for Theatre & Dance during a ceremony held on May 18, 2018. Construction is fully-underway with a goal of completion by fall 2020.

The new Center promises to be a centralized location for creativity to be cultivated, fostered, and displayed, and will also provide a new venue for Millikin performing arts to delight, inform, and inspire audiences.

The $29 million project will feature a 260-seat flexible theatre which includes an orchestra pit, balcony, and tech gallery with a tension wire grid. The new building will also feature lighting and sound labs, a costume studio, a costume classroom, collaboration spaces, and offices and support facilities for current staff with room for growth. 

Located at the former site of the Richards Treat University Center, Millikin’s new Center for Theatre & Dance will also incorporate four acting studios, two dance studios, two design classrooms and practice rooms as well as all-new modern theatre equipment and LED lights. 

Gifts have been made to support fundraising efforts by our community of generous alumni, community leaders, and Board of Trustees. Fundraising efforts are ongoing, give now to help support the Center for Theatre & Dance. View the full Center for Theatre & Dance video playlist

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June 1, 2019: You are the Difference

New York alumni and friendsIn May, the Big Blue visited the Big Apple for the annual School of Theatre & Dance student showcase. Among the trip highlights, trustee Eric Zollinger ’97 hosted an evening reception with President Patrick White and his wife, Chris; alumni and friends attended several Broadway productions featuring Millikin alums, including Scott Taylor Rollison ’96 and Anthony Norman ’15; and exciting Center for Theatre & Dance construction updates were shared at the annual theatre and dance alumni reception.

During the reception, Trustee Zollinger also pledged to quadruple gifts made on or before June 28 in support of the Center for Theatre & Dance, up to a total of $25,000. If you have yet to contribute, or would like to offer additional support, we invite you to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to make your gift four times as impactful.

Center for Theatre & DanceMake your gift today to support the Center for Theatre & Dance, where student-artists, faculty and the surrounding community will join together and engage in the arts. This is the moment. Millikin is the place. You are the difference.

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March 30, 2019: Sharing Experience, Seeing Transformations

Michael Maize ’96In early March, Michael Maize ’96, Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre, returned to Millikin University to share his professional expertise with Theatre & Dance students. Michael is well-known for his accomplishments in both film and television, including roles in “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” “Eagle Eye,” “True Blood,” “Castle,” “Charmed,” “Without a Trace” and “CSI: NY.” During his two days at Millikin, Michael spoke with students about his experiences as an actor in Los Angeles and New York and led a workshop in which he worked on camera scenes with students.

In all likelihood, the next time Michael visits his alma mater, the University’s new Center for Theatre & Dance will be bustling with student-artists, faculty, staff, and community members. This revolutionary, collaborative space will offer the School of Theatre & Dance a centralized location — one where Performance Learning can be taught, creativity can be fostered, and the craft of theatre can be transformed. The talents of both Millikin and local community artists can be brought to light as we work together to collectively commit to the development of this new cultural center in the heart of Decatur.

This is the moment. Millikin is the place. You are the difference. Join us in making a gift to support the Center for Theatre & Dance, where future student-artists, faculty and community can join together to experience the arts. We need your financial support.

There’s never been a moment like this. There’s never been a place like ours.


February 4, 2019: Visible Changes Expanding across Millikin's Campus

center for theatre and danceConstruction on the Center for Theatre & Dance is fully underway. BLDD Architects Inc. and CORE Construction are setting the stage for a revolutionary, transformational building rising from the site of the former Richards Treat University Center.

Currently, the project is on schedule. Despite the poor weather, construction crews have been able to make up time in other areas to offset the areas where work was slowed. A significant amount of steel was delivered and installed in December and this allowed the basement to be enclosed and heated for the pouring of concrete slab.

Pre-cast panels have been erected around the Center's theatre, and the remaining structural steel and trusses for that space are currently being installed. A crane will be shifted in the coming weeks to continue the steel frame installation.

Millikin University officially broke ground on the new Center for Theatre & Dance during a ceremony held on May 18, 2018. The new building will feature a 260-seat flexible theatre which includes an orchestra pit, balcony and tech gallery with a tension wire grid. The Center will also feature lighting and sound labs, a costume studio, a costume classroom, collaboration spaces, and offices and support facilities for current staff and room for growth.

Millikin's new Center for Theatre & Dance will also incorporate four acting studios, two dance studios, two design classrooms and practice rooms as well as all new modern theatre equipment and LED lights.

With a goal of completion by fall 2020, the Center will offer a centralized, focused location for creativity to be taught, fostered and displayed, and will also provide a new venue for Millikin performing arts to delight, inform and inspire audiences from throughout the region. 

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December 20, 2018: Coming Into Focus

It’s the end of a year. And the beginning of a new era. Millikin’s new Center for Theatre & Dance is coming into focus.

As this revolutionary building will begin to resemble architectural renderings in 2019, the Center for Theatre & Dance promises new advancements for creativity to be taught, fostered, and displayed. Please consider a gift of lasting legacy. Contributions made on or before Dec. 31 qualify for a 2018 tax deduction.

This is the moment. Millikin is the place.
You are the difference.

center construction

center construction

October 3, 2018: It’s Concrete

millikin center for theatre and dance

We’ve seen great progress on the construction for the Center for Theatre & Dance this fall. The first concrete was poured on Oct. 3, 2018. It’s exciting to see foundation walls take shape, as seen from images provided by Trustee Emeritus Dr. Steven Huss’ airplane.

Join us on social media via Facebook (MillikinUniversity and MillikinTheatreandDance), Twitter and Instagram (MillikinU), and YouTube (MillikinUniversity) to see more progress and construction updates.

Fundraising efforts are ongoing; make a gift today and be a part of building the foundation for the Center for Theatre & Dance.



June 22, 2018: You Did It, Again!

In May, we asked you to support the new Center for Theatre & Dance through the #BuildingOnDreams, Act II: I’m In! initiative.

The goal: 250 donors in 2 days, May 16-18.

The result: We exceeded our goal of 250 donors, securing the generous $10,000 challenge gift from MU Trustee Eric Zollinger ’97! Thanks to all of you who helped make this happen for SOTAD!

Your support of Millikin, the School of Theatre and Dance, and the new Center for Theatre & Dance is incredible. Together, our energy, love, and giving make the Center a reality for all of us.



April 7, 2017: Bravo! Bravo!

Thank You Video

April 3-7, we asked School of Theatre and Dance alumni, students and friends to support the new Center for Theatre & Dance through the #buildingondreams project.

The goal: 250 donors in just five days, April 3-7.

The result: 344 of you rose to the call, meeting a $10,000 anonymous matching challenge in doing so – and donations are still coming in. Today the total stands at more than $62,000. Flat out amazing. THANK YOU!

With your support, you made a strong statement about the critical need for a new building ASAP. And you clearly had some fun, as seen by the great response to the T&D faculty and staff video shenanigans of last week.

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April 3, 2017: An Important Message from Eric Zollinger, Theatre & Dance Alumnus and Class of 1997

Eric Zollinger ’97Dear Millikin Theatre & Dance Alumni and Friends,

No more waiting ... with great enthusiasm I can share with you the news of the proposed Center of Theatre & Dance. In a re-imagination of the project, Millikin President Patrick WhiteProvost Jeff AperDean Laura Ledford, along with the Theatre and Dance faculty, have selected an architect to work with us on the project. The proposed re-imagination is a newly constructed building incorporating changes in the industry, and the conceptual designs have been approved by T&D faculty as meeting the needs for a growing School of Theatre and Dance. How exciting for a “NEW” building versus plans that repurpose existing space.

Millikin will finally have the facilities that match the caliber of education it provides.

It is no secret this has been a dream for past and current students for many years, which is why I believe fitting for this to be branded the Building On Dreams initiative. The above renderings are part of the initial proposal capturing the Millikin architecture aesthetic and amount of space needed.

This project is moving forward thanks to the Millikin alumni, friends and faculty/staff who have already committed more than $11 million to this project. We estimate the entire project can be completed for approximately $25 million. We will be pursuing major gifts from corporations, foundations, and other philanthropic individuals and organizations.

Starting April 3, we embark on the first Building on Dreams Initiative Challenge Week. We need to demonstrate the desire and support for this new project.

Our goal is 250 donations from Millikin alumni and friends between April 3-7.

It doesn’t matter the amount – the goal here is number of donors. This is our institution’s legacy; YOU are a part of that rich tradition and heritage!

  • Social Media: Spread the word about this campaign to your friends and fellow alumni.
  • Make a Gift: Every gift is important (e.g., $25, $50, $100, $10K!) and will get us closer to the goal. Feel free to donate now. The percentage of alumni donors, as well as the amount given, helps us to leverage bigger gifts. It will be a powerful message if we gain support from a high percentage of our School of Theatre and Dance alumni. Make a one-time or recurring gift now. All gifts are tax-deductible!
  • Make a Connection: Do you know of a foundation or philanthropic business interested in supporting worthwhile capital projects? Do you work for a company that offers matches for charitable giving? Check with your employer and/or contact Mandi Landacre Podeschi ’02, senior director of development at with questions, ideas, or matching gift notification.
  • Refer a Student: Millikin wants to continue attracting quality students for its internationally acclaimed T&D program and for Performance Learning in majors across the institution.
  • Stay in touch! Tell us your stories. Your successes make up our best arguments for raising support for the Center for Theatre & Dance, whatever your career. How did your Millikin experience prepare you for the path you are forging?

A Theatre and Dance Advisory Council has been created. This group of Millikin alumni, friends, trustees and faculty/staff will assist in communicating about the new building and consider ways to involve our alumni, friends and community in the process.

Your participation is needed and appreciated! We welcome your engagement in the process and ownership of seeing this plan through fruition. As a T&D alumnus, your representative on the Board of Trustees, and chair of the new Theatre and Dance Advisory Council, I want to make sure your voice is heard. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at or 917.763.9079.

Go Big Blue!

Eric Zollinger ’97



Eric Zollinger ’97