Tabor School of Business Celebrations of Scholarship Presentations

Lab-Based Curriculum for Entry Level High-School Science Students

Presenter Names: Zephaniah Greenwell and Mike Schutz

Science courses with a laboratory component are a requirement for High School graduation in some states and for admittance to many state universities. With COVID-19 restrictions, students were unable to attend in-person labs, and area high-school teachers were tasked with adapting their science curriculum for students learning at-home. Limited resources were provided to facilitate this change and students have been placed at risk of completing High School without hands-on scientific experience. By partnering with the local teachers, a lab-based curriculum business is being developed for entry-level science students that could be performed in-person or by student studying at home.

Performing Twitter Sentiment Analysis to Better Understand Responses to social issues

Presenter Name: Gabe Gil

The overall aim of this individual research project is to analyze Twitter data to perform a sentiment analysis. I focus my attention in social issues because are controversial and create polarization, which at the end, provide a good test ground for this type of analysis. My objective is to categorize and quantify the amount of positive and negative words in tweets using the hashtags #DerekeChauvintrial, #GeorgeFloyd and  #GeorgeFloydtrial to identify whether the sample of tweets collected fall under positive sentiment or a negative sentiment.

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MU Performance Consulting: A Scrum Retrospective

Presenter Names: Sean Miller, Clarence Velasco, and Isabella Voss

MU Performance Consulting is a tech-focused, multidisciplinary student-run venture. Students work with clients in the community and on campus to design and deliver technical solutions to business problems ranging from system analysis to web development and hosting. Student consultants will discuss the challenges of working IN and ON a business in relation to various technical skill sets, team management, and knowledge transfer.