College of Fine Arts Celebrations of Scholarship Presentations 

Millikin Dance Film Festival

Presenter Names: Anna Corvera, Jennifer Moore, Marie Jagger-Taylor, Elliot Reza Emadian, Corey Seapy, Johnny Power, Sarah Rapp, Fabricio Seraphin '17, Darius Aushay Lee '18, Taylor Lindemann '18, Samantha Keza, RamseyRose Folkerts, Chase Nelson, Madeline Curtin, Katherine Macri, Abbey Engelmann, Anneliese Reichart, Eva Taub, Madeleine Stavast, Holly Bender, Allison Durham, Whitney Turner, Amanda Dulny

The Millikin Dance Film Festival in its inaugural year brings together cinematography and choreography, and showcases our thriving dance community on campus. The event is completely online and can be enjoyed from the comfort of home 4/22-5/1.

Millikin Dance Film Festival from Millikin - Theatre & Dance on Vimeo.

And the Earth Still Spun

Presenter Name: Collin Bradley

“And the Earth Still Spun” is a devised piece developed in conjunction with a spoken word poem that speaks against racial inequality. The piece seeks to inspire a call to action through a movement-inspired depiction of the black, American experience. This short dance film was chosen to represent MU at the American College Dance Association ScreenDance Festival.

Director/Choreographer: Collin Bradley
Dancers: Audrianna Bartholomew, Taylor Ekart, Gavin King, Justin Nelson, Maya Norwood
Spoken Word Artist: Rieff Muhammed Be
Music: "Only the Winds" by Ólafur Arnalds
Videographer/Video Editor: Collin Bradley
Sound Editor: Jalen Eskridge

our purpose

Presenter Name: Katherine Macri

Stuck in a void that is endless and devoid of all reason, a group of people seem to be interconnected body and mind. A door appears and challenges their stream of consciousness and connection, testing them at every turn. They are trying to find their purpose and understand their journey. The purpose of the piece is to embrace the feeling of uncontrollable existential thought. We, as people, wander aimlessly to find purpose which feeds the ever-present doubt lingering in the back of our minds. This concert dance piece titled “our purpose” was chosen to represent MU at the American College Dance Association Virtual Adjudication.

Choreographer: Katherine Macri
Dancers: Allison Durham, Jake Faragalli, Jasmine-Kalei Humphrey, Elijah Jamison (swing), Emily Moore, Justin Nelson, Paige Neumeyer, Darcy Reimler, Rachel Silvey, Greer Tornquist
Music: “The Lake” & “Gangster” by Labrinth, “Run Boy Run - Instrumental” by Woodkid
Costume Designer: Rachel Terry
Lighting Designer: Deven Desai
Music Editor: Tobi Osibodu
Concert Videographer: Zachary Cook


Presenter Names: Anna Corvera and Zachary Cook

“Duality” is a live dance and pre-recorded film—using the same cast of dancers—that run simultaneously. The dance and film are meant to be opposite ends of a spectrum, and represent what is happening inside the mind and outside the body. The audience chooses where to focus. The choreography is inspired by the diagonal scale from Laban Movement Analysis. This concert dance piece was chosen to represent MU at the American College Dance Association Virtual Adjudication.

Choreographer: Anna Corvera
Dancers: Allison Durham, Jasmine-Kalei Humphrey, Elijah Jamison (swing), Katherine Macri, Emily Moore, Chase Nelson, Justin Nelson, Paige Neumeyer, Andrew Tufano, Whitney Turner
Music: “Triumphant” by Röyksopp
Costume Designer: Abby Urquhart
Lighting Designer: Deven Desai
Film: “Reflections” by Zachary Cook
Concert Videographer: Zachary Cook