College of Fine Arts Celebrations of Scholarship Presentations 

Art therapy behind bars: Creating a Program for Incarcerated Women

Presenter Name: Kaitlynn Haskell

This presentation will be an overview of a Summer Undergrad Research Fellowship (SURF) that involved creating a 12-week art therapy group that addresses the specific needs of incarcerated women in the Decatur correctional facility and opening a doorway for future undergrad art therapy interns to work with this population. The presentation will cover the research that went into the different art activities and the reasons why this is such an important population to work with.

Reductive Linocut Prints

Presenter Name: Taylor Linville

My presentation will include a series of prints that use the reductive linocut technique. The prints include a variety of printmaking techniques and all feature an endangered animal. Eventually when all the prints are complete, the individual pages will be bound together to form a book. Within my presentation I will talk about the reductive linocut technique itself, the steps I had to take in order to create the prints, and where I plan on going with the prints once they are all complete. 

The making of Ultimate Film Fan

Presenter Names: Nicholas Mho, Nicole Dadoly, Nate Amaya, Andrew Carrico, Elsa Rotramel

Students will discuss the creation of an original YouTube program titled “Ultimate Film Fan.” The YouTube show will be in the format of a game/quiz show utilizing different movie trivia mini-games. During the course of the show participants will compete against one another to move on to the next show until only one champion remains to claim the title of Ultimate Film Fan. The student’s presentations will touch on the process they used to create the show from start to finish and each student will talk about the particular job they performed to take the show from concept to completion.

First Take From

Presenter Names: Emma Craft, Braun Sheets

Presentation of how project came to fruition, and process of creating a business model for a small "Tiny Desk" like youtube show. How the project has evolved with Covid restrictions. Presentation of first band interview and recording in non traditional location.

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Hidden Gems: The Piano Études of Einojuhani Ruatavaara 

Presenter Name: Austin Shaw

Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928-2016) was one of the most consequential Finnish composers, second only to his mentor, Jean Sibelius. His extensive and diverse composition catalogue encompasses large-scale symphonies and operas, as well as vocal, instrumental, and chamber works. This lecture investigates Rautavaara’s collection of six piano études, each one dedicated to a different musical interval that the piece is built on. The purpose of this presentation is to emphasize the technical and artistic value of these unique and obscured modern piano études, by using a comparative lens to draw parallels between Rautavaara’s works and other mainstream piano miniatures.

Creative Process and reminiscence in Parisian Modernist Ballet 

Presenter Name: Valeria Chavez Roncal

This project examines the remnants of the nineteenth-century grand ballet styles within modernist ballets The Rite of Spring (1913) and La Création du monde (1923). While modernism has been characterized as an intentional deviation from tradition, my research exposes notions of continuity in the ballets, both of which were advertised as pinnacles of modernism. Through reception history research and comparative analysis, I closely examine the creative processes from which the ballets emerged, the cross-cultural implications of their notoriety, and ultimately, the irony of their grand ballet underpinnings.

Message in a Bottle in a Tree

Presenter Names: Rachel Pevehouse (playwright), Louisa Nickel (director), Brigid Buckley (actor), Lucy Rossi (actor)

On December 31, 1999, just before midnight, Joan and Elizabeth plan to spend the end of the world together. As the minutes pass, the two unexpectedly unpack their past, avoid honesty, and discover why they’re both really there.

Shakespeare Corrected

Presenter Names: Louisa Nickel, Nat Long, Courtney Klein

The Millikin theatre program Shakespeare Corrected will give a presentation on our current work, projects in the future, and host a talk back reflecting on the experience the student have had in the company.

What's the Time?

Presenter Names: Wil Barden, Mandy Dulny, Allison Durham, Gilliam Genardo, JJ Pierce, and Rachel Silvey 

A study group, through Zoom fatigue, explores their individual and collective interpretations of time and how quickly or slowly time goes by over the years.

A Day Like Any Other 

Presenter Names: Tyler Bowlin, Eva Comerford, Gabe Henderson, Cori Lang, Hannah Ottenfeld, and Rachel Pevehouse

A choose-your-own adventure piece devised by Hannah Ottenfeld, Cori Lang, Rachel Pevehouse, Eva Comerford, Tyler Bowlin, and Gabe Henderson that encourages its audience to enter the darkest timeline of our world and examine our autonomy.

The Balloon

Presenter Names: RamseyRose Folkerts, Collin Bradley, Paul Cushman

This year the School of Theatre & Dance submitted two dance films to the American College Dance Association ScreenDance Festival. “The Balloon” by RamseyRose Folkerts depicts the journey of a curious soul as they take on another day of adventure, only to find themselves unexpectedly in the presence of a traveling balloon. Demanding companionship with the balloon, they learn the best way to love something is to set it free. “The Balloon” was selected for the ACDA National Gala and represented Millikin among the best of the best in college/university dance. 

Fools Who Dream

Presenter Names: RamseyRose Folkerts, Collin Bradley, Paul Cushman

“Fools Who Dream” by Collin Bradley and Paul Cushman is a parody of “La La Land.” This piece shares the story of two partners and the unexpected journey they will embark on together. "Fools Who Dream" was included in the ACDA Informal Showcase. Both films were viewed and celebrated nationwide by the ACDA community.