College of Arts and Sciences Celebrations of Scholarship Presentations

Migraine Effects on College Students Anxiety 

Presenter Name: Niah Bevolo 

This presentation will go over the effect that migraines have on college students' anxiety. Overall this study shows that migraines do increase anxiety in college students

Environmental Impact of Millikin Residential Operations

Presenter Name: Collin Krakowiecki 

I will be presenting my honors capstone project on the comparison of the environmental impact of Millikin's Residential Operations to those of a target institution.

Spanish Capstone

Presenter Name: Valeria Chavez Roncal 

El fundamento indígena: la diversidad de la música popular y tradicional en Perú.

Spanish Capstone

Presenter Name: Armando Nevarez 

Efectos de la pandemia en la economí de Guatemala

Racial Disparities in the Healthcare System

Presenter Name: Joselynn Ali

Annual Outmigration: Examining the Correlation between Taxes and Population Loss

Presenter Name: Nash Oldenettel

Model Illinois Government: Performance Learning in Political Science

Presenter Name: Sabrina LeBlanc

Ladies on Deck Women in Politics on the Rise

Presenter Name: Chelsea Walters

Prison Policy Protecting Transgender People in Prison

Presenter Name: Geoff Diver

The Torrence Park Revitalization Project

Presenter Names: Colton Adams, Alexia McDermott, Cassidy Knoerzer, Ivan Wilson, Karyn Smith, Patrick Cooper, Richard Coppenbarger

The Capstone class in Sociology participated in an ongoing revitalization project in the Torrence Park neighborhood, involving restoration of several vacant/abandoned lots which we have begun transforming into a community garden and nature trail. We will present the project and our research findings.

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