Jill March Johnson



Spouse’s name

Neal Johnson

Current employer and job title
Retired from Millikin’s Athletics Department

Please list some of your Big Blue stats and athletic achievements:

I spent 25 years working in the Athletics department.

What is your most memorable moment from your time at Millikin?
There are so many memorable moments working in Athletics that I could write a book.

What MU professor, coach or staff member made the greatest impact on you, and why?

All past and present coaches and athletic directors made an impact on my 25 years working at Millikin University.

Apart from supporting the Big Blue, what is your favorite pastime?

Giving people unsolicited advice.

What advice would you give to current MU students about preparing for life after graduation?  

I would tell students as they got ready for graduation that I hoped they enjoyed their time at Millikin because it should have been the best time of their lives, but next will come a new chapter of life.

Names and ages of children, as of October 2022:
Leslie Johnson, class of 2002

Dustin Johnson, class of 1999

Name of other family member who attended Millikin:
George Kuhns