Sean Fahey '082022 ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME

Sean Fahey

Class of 2003



Major(s)/minor(s) while at Millikin

Exercise Science

Current employer and job title
High School Physical Education teacher, head girls varsity soccer coach, assistant boys varsity soccer coach, and assistant varsity wrestling coach at Lincoln-Way Central High School District 210.

Why did you choose Millikin?

I knew that I wanted to play college soccer. As an undersized senior in high school there weren’t many schools knocking on my door. When my high school teammate (Dave Majher) was recruited to play at Millikin, he asked if I had any interest in coming along for a visit. I was familiar with Millikin a little bit because my cousin (Michael Fahey) attended and played football and wrestled. While I had no idea what the soccer would be like, I knew that I would receive a first-class education at a university with a sterling reputation. After looking around a few other schools, I inevitably decided on Millikin with the hopes of being able to play at the collegiate level.

Please list some of your Big Blue stats and athletic achievements:

All-CCIW 3 years, 18 goals/ 13 assists. All-Regional player two years. Two-year captain. Member of the 2001 CCIW Conference Championship team.

Aside from athletics, what activities did you participate in during your time at Millikin?

One of my favorite things about my time at Millikin were the intramural opportunities. The student body was made up of so many collegiate athletes and former high school athletes, and it really created a fun and competitive environment throughout our off seasons. It was an opportunity to compete with friends outside of our soccer team. 

What is your most memorable moment as a Millikin student-athlete?

It is difficult to pick a moment out of my career as a student-athlete, but I think what I cherished the most was everything that came along with being a part of the program.  Many of my closest friends are people I met through Millikin soccer. We went from a 8-10 program before my freshman year that played on a public park for home games, to a conference championship team that developed a loyal following who would follow us out to the Stephen Decatur stadium several miles off campus to support our team.  I truly believe we were one of the tightest knit teams around and a lot of our successes stemmed from how close we were. So since there are so many memories that involve being a part of this program, it is impossible to pick just one.

What MU professor, coach or staff member made the greatest impact on you, and why?

Again, I feel very blessed to have been surrounded by so many wonderful people here at Millikin. There are two who had a huge impact on me not only during my tenure at MU, but who continue to be a part of my life today: my coach, Ryan Lakin, and Rich Dunsworth (former Millikin dean of students). Coach Lakin was obviously a big reason for my decision to come to Millikin.  Since that day it is impossible to say how often he was there for me.  He was and has always been someone I could come to with anything.  After my career at MU, he encouraged me to pursue the game at the professional level in which he played a huge part in me doing. While out in Pittsburgh playing with that team, he was there for me when my father passed away suddenly.  I’ll forever be grateful for that.  Nowadays we stay in touch weekly and our kids adore each other and life is good. Rich Dunsworth was the other side of the coin and I’ll never be able to thank him for how much he impacted my return and eventual completion at MU after my father passed.  Even though he has moved on to the Ozarks out in Arkansas, we also still keep in touch and try to get together as often as time and opportunity allow.  Had it not been for Rich, I do not know what my current status would look like.  Again, I am forever grateful for his guidance and friendship.

What are some of your accomplishments since graduating from Millikin?

I continued my soccer career at what you would call a semi-professional status in the Chicagoland Latin American Soccer Association playing on several championship teams for over 13 years.  I worked for a construction company for four years and was able to learn a lot during that time. I became a teacher and a coach for some very successful high school teams that I am extremely proud of.  Most recently my girls soccer team placed third in the state this past season which hasn’t happened at Lincoln-Way Central in over 15 years.  I am a father of two beautiful girls, Kinsey,6, and Ashtyn, 4.  I married a saint of a woman, Jennesa Fahey. 

Apart from supporting the Big Blue, what is your favorite pastime?

I suppose I would just say staying active as much as possible.  I love to play soccer whenever I can. I love to golf and workout. As the kids keep getting older, I am more and more excited to watch them grow and become more and more able. My wife and I love having people over to our house to stay connected to our friends which as we all know becomes harder and harder every year!

How has your experience as a Millikin athlete prepared you for professional or personal success?

I came into Millikin unsure if I would even make it as a soccer player. I feel like the situation I was able to come into offered a huge opportunity. As successful as many of my teams were in the youth club circuit and high school, I was always kind of along for the ride and good enough to be on those teams. After getting a taste of college soccer as a freshman I suppose something just clicked. I really began dedicating the majority of my time to becoming a better player. It’s funny because I felt a lot like Bambi my freshman year as I grew from about 5’7’’ to 6’ while only gaining about 15 lbs. But seeing results of hard work and extra time made a huge impact on the way I try to approach things. There may always be someone better than you, but it’s amazing how you can close the gap with hard work.

What advice would you give to current MU students about preparing for life after graduation?  Embrace the grind. Work hard and be a good person. You may hear “No” a bunch before you find your way, but don’t let that discourage you. You may be fortunate enough to land your dream job right out of college and I hope you do! But if you don’t, stay the course and embrace the work it’s going to take to get there.

Names and ages of children, as of October 2022:
Kinsey Fahey, 6
Ashtyn Fahey, 4

Name of other family member who attended Millikin:
Michael Fahey ‘97