The Hub - Student Business Incubator

Students, inspired by the successes of peers, have begun to look outside the traditional classroom setting for business development experience and an environment conducive to supporting their venture ideas and business opportunities. There has been a growing need for student space and support for their business ideas through the increased use of our services at the Center for Entrepreneurship. Students are starting business earlier in their college career, and their need for mentorship, support programming, and a collaborative setting that fosters student ingenuity is apparent.

For students to start and begin running a business, they need work space to collaborate with colleagues, meet with clients, and have support resources. They need office spaces, conference rooms, basic office supplies such as copier, material, and creative “think” space. Most of all, they need 24-hour access in a secure place to begin and grow their business idea.

The solution: The Hub, Millikin University's Student Business Incubator.