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Education: Research Guides 

Check out below for help finding information, specific resources,
and research hints for more specific areas within the broader subject of Elementary Education.

Manipulatives Collections on Reserves

The library has several classroom manipulatives kits that can be checked out and used in the classroom/for lesson planning exercises.
Come ask at the circulation desk to see the kits. They include:
  • Cuisenaire Rods
  • Cubes to form a tower
  • Kindergarten and Grade 2 visual learning poster lessons
  • Two kits each including different wooden shapes and manipulatives

    You can also find the records for these collections in the online catalog by setting the Search by box to Subject. In the search, type in "Manipulatives Education" to find the wooden and plastic manipulatives, or type in "Art museums educational aspects handbooks manuals" to find the records for the visual learning lessons.

    Finding Children's & Young Adult Literature

    For comprehensive help, Check out our subject guide!

    Searching for Juvenile books in Millinet:
  • If doing a quick search, set the quick limit to Juvenile books.
  • If doing an advanced search, click on the more limits button, then set location to juvenile collection. Then click the set limitsbutton.

    Finding Curriculum Materials

    To find curriculum materials here at Millikin to help with developing lesson plans, there are two basic ways that you can search.
  • First, in the online catalog, from the quick search window, click the button where it says More Limits. Once you are on the search limits page, under location, choose Curriculum Collection and then hit the Set Limits button. Now type in a subject area, such as Math, and see what comes up.
  • The second method is probably the easiest. Simply come to the library and go up to the second floor. On the south side of the west end, you'll see the shelves of juvenile books, and just to the west, are the shelves of curriculum materials. Feel free to browse.

    Videos and Sound Recordings:

    Videos can be located via MILLINET select Films/Videos in the Quick Limits drop down options, or through browsing the video collection on the library's first floor. Use the call number ranges above to look for videos on a particular aspect of education.

    To find Sound Recordings, in the online catalog select Music Recordings or Spoken Word Recordings in the Quick Limits drop down option, or by browsing the music collection on the third floor of the library. We have both compact discs and records.

    Bilingual Education

    Keywords and phrases for searching in an article database:
  • bilingual
    education, bilingual
    English second language
    English language study and teaching
    second language acquisition
    second language instruction
    second language learning
    Subject terms to include in your searching in the online catalog:
    bilingualism United States
    education bilingual United States
    English language study and teaching
    language acquisition
    linguistic minorities
    minorities education
    multicultural education
    Useful reference resources for the study of bilingualism/multicultural literature: American Ethnic Writers,
    REF. PS 153 .M56 A414 2000
    Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language,
    REF. P 29 .C64
    Encyclopedia of Education,
    REF. LB 15 .E47 2003
    Greenwood Encyclopedia of Multiethnic American Literature,
    REF. PS .M56 G74 2005
    Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education,
    REF. LC 1099.3 .H35 2004
    International Encyclopedia of Linguistics,
    REF. P 29 .I58 1992
    Literacy in America,
    REF. LC 151 .L487 2002
    What Do I Read Next? Multicultural Literature,
    REF. PS 153 .M56 W49 1997

    Millikin University - Decatur, IL
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL