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ED 335 with Georgette Page 
Resource Guide for ED 335 with Georgette Page, Spring 2011

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Reference Sources | Library's Online Catalog | Regional Offices of Education |
Searching Databases | Locating Statistics | Finding Organizations |
Research Assistance

Using Reference Sources for Background Information
The books in the Staley Library Reference collection will help to provide basic vocabulary and basic concepts about your topic.  There are dictionaries, biographies and subject specific encyclopedias.  There are also sources for statistics and demographic information.  These books usually do not circulate, but you may copy articles out of them. 

Some useful titles to look for here at Staley include:

    American Immigrant Culture-----REF. E184.A1 A634 1997
    Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America-----REF. E184.A1 G141995
    Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas-----REF. E184.S75 O97 2005
    Reference Library of Black America-----REF. E185 .R455 2003
    Encyclopedia of American Social History-----REF. HN 57 .D58 1993

    Literacy in America-----REF. LC 151 .L487 2002
    Literacy and Learning:  A Reference Handbook-----REF. LC 151 .B58 2002
    Early Childhood Education: An International Encyclopedia-----REF. LB 1139.23 .E272 2007

    Encyclopedia of Special Education-----REF. LC 2007 .E53 2007
    The Encyclopedia of Learning Disabilities-----REF. LC 4704.5 .T86 2006
    Dictionary of Reading and Learning Disability-----REF. LC 4704.5 .T86 2006
    Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Sourcebook-----REF. RJ 506 .A9 A8929 2007
    The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health and Wellness-----REF. RJ 45 .T9465 2004
    Critical Thinking and Learning-----REF. LB 1590.3 .C735 2004
    Encyclopedia of Education-----REF. LB 15 .E47 2003
    Encyclopedia of American Education-----REF. LB 17 .U54 1996
    Education Reform-----REF. LA 212 .F75 2004
    Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education-----REF. LC 1099.3 .H35 2004
    Encyclopedia of Educational Research-----REF. LB 15 .M62 1992
    Encyclopedia of School Psychology-----REF. LB 1027.55 .E523 2005

Make notes of phrases, words, people that are related to your topic.  These will help you locate additional information as you proceed with your research – they will become your keywords as you begin your search for information.

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Using the Library’s Online Catalog
The Library’s Online Catalog contains the records for the items physically in the library (like books, videos, music) and some online resources (like government documents and e-books).

To get to the Online Catalog, from the library’s homepage- http://www.millikin.edu/staley, click on the link for Millikin’s Online Catalog, under the Research section.

To open a PDF version of a guide to help you search the online catalog, click here.

When you find an item in the online catalog that is about your topic, you can use the Subject Headings to find items on a similar topic. 

An example is this:  Indian dance - United States - History - 20th century
Note: these links build on themselves- so each link essentially provides multiple searches. 
*If you click on the "Indian Dance" portion of the link, that's all it will search for.
*If you click on the "United States" portion of the link, it will search for Indian dance-United States.
*If you click on the "History" portion of the link, it will search for "Indian dance- United States-History."
So for each link, click on the right-most portion to search the entire subject, or on any part of the link to the left for a partial subject search. Each of these long links is separated by a semi-colon ";". Try it out to see what I mean.

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Regional Offices of Education

Champaign - Ford ROE School Works Resource Library
To search for resources available from the Champaign-Ford Regional Office of Education’s Library
    *Start at http://www.roeschoolworks.k12.il.us/
    *Then click on the link for "Site Index" on the top of the screen.
    *Choose the link for “Learning Resource Library”.
    *Take a look at this page for information on how to search the collection, who can borrow from the collection, and new materials.
    *Feel free to contact Pat Morgan, e-mail plmorgan@roe9.k12.il.us or call (217) 893-4921.

An important thing to note: You are responsible for any materials that you check out from the ROE’s library.  If you lose them, you must pay the fees.  There's no getting out of it.

Macon-Piatt ROE Media Library
To search for resources available from the Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education’s Library
    *Start at http://www.maconpiattroe.org/ 
    *Then click on the link for "Media Library" on the Left side of the screen.
    *Choose to browse as a guest, and enter your name.
    *Click to select a "Choose the Media Types to include in your search" such as "DVD"
    *Then click "Go" back near the top.  Scroll through the list of results and see what you think.

The quick facts about who can borrow from the Macon-Piatt ROE:

*Any student who will be student teaching in a Macon-Piatt school can get a username and password based on the school they will be student-teaching at.
*Those students who will be in the schools would then be able to have the item delivered directly to them at the school.
*Student teachers who will not be at the schools every day can opt to pick up the item at the ROE.
*If a student teacher is staying locally, but isn't student teaching in Macon or Piatt County, they can have a username and password set up based on Millikin Unviersity as their school.  These students would have to go to the ROE to pick up any/all materials.

If you see something that you would like to borrow, call Librarian Martha Sadowski at 217.872.3721 and explain who you are (student from Millikin) and what resources you would like to borrow, and why.

An important thing to note: You are responsible for any materials that you check out from the ROE’s library.  If you lose them, you must pay the fees.  There's no getting out of it.

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Searching for Articles in the Databases
As you are researching, keep an eye out for terms that will pop up in the articles and books you are finding. It might be a good idea to do searches using those terms too.

You never know until you begin searching what terms will be the ones to get the results you are looking for, so don’t be afraid to try as many different searches as you need.

For examples, the term African-American will get different results than Black.
Preschool will get different results than young children or “preschool children” or toddler.

The Library's Education Related Databases are linked here.

Click here to open a PDF guide for how to find articles in the library's databases.

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Statistical Sources
Education Statistics
    *Digest of Education Statistics - http://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/
    *National Center for Education Statistics - http://nces.ed.gov/
    *NEA Education Statistics - http://www.nea.org/edstats
    *Public Elementary-Secondary School Systems Financial Data - http://www.census.gov/govs/school/
    *120 years of American Education: a Statistical Portrait - http://nces.ed.gov/pubs93/93442.pdf
    *National Center for Early Development & Learning - http://www.fpg.unc.edu/~ncedl/
    *School District Demographics System - http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/sdds/

Demographic Statistics
    *U.S. Census Bureau Home Page - http://www.census.gov/
    *Statistical Abstract of the U.S. - http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/
    *Current Population Survey - http://www.census.gov/cps/
    *Demographic Yearbook - http://unstats.un.org/unsd/demographic/products/dyb/default.htm
    *Fedstats: Federal Statistics - http://www.fedstats.gov/
    *FedWorld Information Network Home Page - http://www.fedworld.gov/
    *Child Stats: Forum on Child and Family Services - http://www.childstats.gov/index.asp

Public Opinion
    *Pew Research Center - http://pewresearch.org/
    Including: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, - http://people-press.org/
    Stateline.org, - http://www.stateline.org/live/
    Pew Internet & American Life Project, - http://www.pewinternet.org/
    Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, - http://pewforum.org/
    Pew Hispanic Center - http://pewhispanic.org/
    Pew Global Attitudes Project - http://pewglobal.org/
    Pew Center on the States - http://www.pewcenteronthestates.org/
    Pew Trusts- http://www.pewtrusts.org/

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Finding organizations specific to your topic:
Try an internet search with your topic and the following terms

National Foundation 
National Association  
Education Association  
National Foundation   
Check out Education Atlas for lists of associations: http://www.educationatlas.com/education-organizations.html

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Research Assistance
The Writing Center
    for assistance with developing, editing, structuring, and writing your papers.

Contacting the Library 
    Telephone:  (217) 424-6214
    E-mail: refdesk@millikin.edu
    Instant Messenger:  MUlibrarian on Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and Meebo.

    Rachel Bicicchi- (217)424-3692 or rbicicchi@millikin.edu
    Debbie Campbell- (217) 420-6719 or dmcampbell@millikin.edu 
    Please let me know if you need any help at all!

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL