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Annotated Web links, academically oriented and other, on the subject of Art.

Please respect the rights of every artist and museum represented in these collections, remember you may not reproduce, alter or redistribute any artwork in these databases or websites for personal or commercial gain without permission.

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These Art Ed. links provided by Annette Russo.

State and National Education Standards

Fine Arts Standards for the state of Illinois. Scroll to the bottom to look at to look at goals 25, 26, and 27.
This web site not only has the national standards, it also has lesson plans, very fun how-to guides for educators, and a nice list of weblinks.
Art Therapy Education Standards for Master's Programs providing Art Therapy Education.

Lesson Plans, Curriculum Ideas, Education Site Bibliographic Web Pages

"ArtsConnectEd is the product of a partnership between The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center." Has classroom activities and lesson plans, archives, activities, and art gallery.
From ArtsConnectEd, this interactive artistic toolkit allows students to explore different elements of artistic design.
Listed above under the standards category too, the Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Program has wonderful lesson plans, linked directly here.
"KinderArt® was developed in 1997, because we think art should be an important part of any home or school curriculum, and if there are easy-to-follow lessons with readily available materials, it makes the lives of artists, teachers and parents much easier."
Princeton Online's Art Resourcs page. Includes job listings in nearly all 50 states, links to resources, lesson plans, news, and associations.
The Getty Education site is a really good resource  for K-12  teachers, that contains lesson plans and curriculum ideas with teacher material included.
Maintained by Dr. Craig Roland, School of Art and Art History, University of Florida, the Art Room has links, quick lesson ideas, art info., a gallery, and art ideas.
The homepage for PBS television stations, check out your favorite shows, the PBS kids section for online games and coloring pages, or click on PBS Teachers for educational resources and lesson plans.
"Educational Web Sites Ranked by Popularity." While we can't vouch for the quality of the web pages listed, it's worth searching for resources here.
Another useful education site with links to hundreds of education related webpages and lesson plans.

Child Development, Organization Sites, and Online Resources

The homepage for the American Art Therapy Association: check out the links for both students and for art therapists.
This site connects thousands of museums world wide. Do a search by location, subject, etc... to see which museums it brings up!
An online art Encyclopedia. Search for paintings, artists, movements, etc...
The Internet Public Library connects you to online resources and websites. Browse around for useful categories, and check out the KidSpace, Teenspace, and the link for teaching with IPL.
Development sites all from the Child Development Institute website:
      Multiple Intelligences
      Classroom interventions for students with ADHD and
      Learning Disabilities.

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Art Museum Network
This link connects you to the homepages of the 200+ museums that are members of the Art Museum Network.
This site connects thousands of museums world wide. Do a search by location, subject, etc... to see which museums it brings up!

The Thinker
The aim of this site is the representation of the entire collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Though still being compiled, already displays over 60,000 images. In addition to works on paper and canvas, will include sculpture, furniture and textiles, glass and silver, etc. Includes essays on current exhibits. Can be searched by artist's name and topic terms.
Millikin University's Birks Museum
noted for its impressive collection of china, ceramics and glassware.Some items date to the 14th century, though most are from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
Art Institute of Chicago
This is the homepage for the Art Institute.  The Education link has a many good resources for teachers and students.
Amon Carter Museum
Fort Worth, TX.. About the museum and its collections of paintings & sculptures by Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, and other American artists.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
This site has some good imagery and good educational resources.  The Online Resources under Educational Resources are extensive and covers a very wide range of topics.
The Museum of Modern Art
This homepage for the museum located in New York City "provides information on current and upcoming art, film and media, and online exhibitions" while also highlighting parts of the museum's collection.
Guggenheim Museum in New York
Modern Art. Check out the online exhibitions and the Education links.
Smithsonian Institution Museums
This page links you to the homepages of the many different museums at the Smithsonian Complex.
Tate Gallery in the UK
Links for the four Tate Museums: Modern, Liverpool, Britain, and St. Ives. Lots of online exhibits, collections, and activities.
The British Museum
Check the Learning link for educational resources, and the COMPASS collections online.
Victoria and Albert Museum
The self acclaimed "world's greatest museum of art and design."
Prado Museum in Spain
Lots of classic and famous artist exhibits, including Picasso and Dali.
The Louvre
This is the English translation of the Louvre in France's homepage.
The Vatican Museums
Choose your language, then click on the link for Vatican Museums.
Uffizi Gallery in Italy
This link is for the English translation of their homepage. "This is one of the most famous museums of paintings and sculpture in the world. Its collection of Primitive and Renaissance paintings comprises several universally acclaimed masterpieces of all time."

It seems to be that almost every country has its own national museum or gallery. Search the internet or even Wikipedia to find the links to their homepages. Examples below:
National Gallery of the United States
National Gallery of England
National Gallery of Ireland
National Gallery of Australia
National Gallery of Canada
National Gallery of Scotland
National Gallery of Finland
National Gallery of Modern Art India
National Museum of Singapore

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Artcyclopedia  is a comprehensive source of imagery.   Parts of image may be magnified to examine detail and the program adjusts so that it does not appear pixilated.

Art Explorer  A site sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago that allows the user  to look up images of work that they own.

Boston University's Guide to Finding Images on the Web  This site contains practical information about obtaining images and using them.  It has information about where and how to find imagery, how to save and transfer it and how to edit it. Copyright and legal considerations are thoroughly discussed.

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Graphic Design

"Showcasing the worlds largest historical gig poster archive, this massive online art gallery is home to thousands of designers from around the world."

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ArtSource a gathering place for networked information about art. 

Librarian's Internet Index, Arts and Humanities page  a truly amazing collection of usable websites.

Cornell University, Digital Collection  Cornell's very extensive digital collections, some art related, some not

Gallery of Art Research Libraries in California (GARLIC) Pointers to information about art and architecture libraries, faculty, programs and museums.

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Online  

Pigments Through the Ages  This site has good descriptions of a wide variety of pigments indexed by color.

St. Ambrose University, O'Keefe Library  An excellent collection of web resources for art related topics.




Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL