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African American Resources: Websites 

Annotated websites, academically oriented and other, on the subject of African-American history, culture, issues and interests.

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Guide to Black History by the Encyclopedia Britannica includes biographical sketches ranging from Boston Massacre martyr Crispus Attucks to Mae Jemison, the first Black woman astronaut, descriptive entries including the 1920's Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights era,along with video footage including of Thurgood Marshall and Jackie Robinson. (Newsweek 3-3-97)

African-American Mosaic A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. Focuses on the four areas of colonization, abolition, migration, and the WPA (1930's). Photographs, maps, other original documents. (Newsweek 3-3-97)

Black History Exploring Black History & African-American Issues. Created by Pacific Bell as a resource for teachers and students. In the "Hotlist's" "African-American Leaders" section, includes Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech, as well as speeches by Marcus Garvey & Malcolm X. Other links include "Remembrances of those who lived as slaves", "Profiles of some important 19th century African Americans", information about modern African-Americans such as Maya Angelou and Tupak Shakur, and much more.

Internet African American History Challenge "is an interactive quiz that helps you sharpen your knowledge of African American History. "

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Historical Moments

Excerpts from Slave Narratives Edited by Steven Mintz, University of HoustonSlave Narratives

The Amistad Case National Archives and Records Administration documents from the case against fifty-three Africans who, bound for the Cuban slave trade, killed their abductors in a bid for their own freedom. (1839-1841)

In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience From the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and the New York Public Library, this site explores "thirteen defining migrations that formed and transformed African America."  Includes images, maps, texts, and lesson plans for teachers.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project Writings about and by Martin Luther King and about the Center. Site maintained by Stanford University. The site also offers a searchable MLK Bibliography.

Martin Luther King Jr. an informational site maintained by the Seattle Times. Includes description of the holiday and its history. In "The Classroom" section, multiple links to related sites, including civil rights, black history, and African-American resources.

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Current Interest

African-Americana resources at the Louisiana State University Libraries, including links to related resources. Many useful links.

Black Excel "a very valuable and comprehensive Web site concerning black issues in higher education. Personally, I can state as an educator who is involved extensively in advising, counseling, recruiting, retaining, and generally assisting black students in higher educational issues that I have found the ... page extremely beneficial." (Thomas D.Landefeld, Assoc.Dean, CA State at Dominguez Hills, in letter, J.Blacks H.Ed. Srping 1997) A college & scholarship service for African American students.

The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences "An internet presentation for the 1995 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month Celebrations, to recognize the contribution of African Americans in the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering, both present and past." By Mitchell C. Brown Plasma Physics Librarian, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Updated with annual reports through 1999.

Black Film Center Extensive set of resources (listings, web sites, history) for Black cinema. More an academic than a review site. (Library Journal 9/1/96)

Universal Black Pages "The primary purpose of the UBP is to maintain a comprehensive listing of African-diaspora-related Web pages at a central site.  ... The UBP was conceived and created by ... two members of Georgia Tech's Black Graduate Student Association; and was launched as a commercial product of the company Black Graduate Student Infosystems, Inc., (BGSI) in January 1996. Link categories include Art, Businesses, The Diaspora  Educational Opportunities, Fraternities, Sororities, and Living Groups, Professional Organizations,  Schools and Student Organizations, and Sports.


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