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Library News- Art Fridays (Nov. '01) 

Our November art display features paintings, prints, ceramics, and sculpture by fourteen current MU student women artists. Jaime Kotolinski `01 provided the exhibition statement (below).

The exhibit opened Nov. 9th and runs through the first week of December 2001. 

Suzi Karnatz & Angie Zielinski

Sarah F. Smith
Jennifer Dixon-Winholtz

Katie Hinton, Heather Semro, & Sarah Crecelius

on being female as an artist

I once was given the critique; "You're getting too emotional with your art."  However, during the years that have passed since receiving this comment, I find that through emotion and passion, one seeks peace, beauty and resolution.  As I am asked to reflect on being a female artist, I find that it has been the emotion that has brought me to the level of creativity that I am able to find in artwork now. 

It is emotion that levitates us past the point of ordinary.  It is emotion that leads us through the
present and future creative explorations in our lives. It is the courage to open up to emotion, allowing the strength it gives, to flow freely through the media.

Because you are feminine, open up to all that you feel. Don't ever let you emotions become a passing wind. This is the richness of art: we are free and encouraged to express what we love, hate, and feel joy and sorrow for; both male and female alike. 

Jaime Kotolinski 
2001 Millikin Alum

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL