Deanna Langland
As anyone attending Millikin knows, the cost of fees, books and materials, and living expenses are daunting. The annual support I receive from scholarships is essential in helping me achieve my goals.
Nicole Emperor
For two years, I served as a mentor for Millikin's freshmen students, an experience that helped me realize I truly want to be a teacher. I'm grateful to be the recipient of a scholarship that helps reduce my tuition costs and makes this dream possible. Scholarship sponsors play a vital role in helping reduce tuition costs. They are also great role models for inspiring future alumni to make the same type of commitment.
Robin Riley
Our program is top-notch. I know I will leave here well-prepared for my career. The only thing we lack is a facility that offers the space we need to learn. That will really help us step up to the next level, not only opening doors for current students, but helping to attract future students, too. The staff is great, very supportive, and just like the students, they deserve to work in an environment that will let them have better resources to share their knowledge and skills with the students.