Laura Ledford

Our alumni have proven time and time again the superior preparation a Millikin education has given them. Although this success is impressive, we now find ourselves at a tipping point.

Barry Pearson
Access any measurement you would like for defining excellence, and the Millikin theatre and dance program meets it. However, without investment in this excellence, high standards are neither maintained nor advanced. Facilities matter because they breathe life into more and newer possibilities and write in large and undeniable terms that excellence is found here and will be continued and fostered now and in the future.
Don Luy
These new facilities will be important tools to help prepare our students for professional success and build upon the excellent reputation of Millikin alumni working in the exercise science and sport professions.
Raphaella Prange
Millikin has such a vibrant student population. What is so desperately needed is a new place to centralize this vibrancy and to support the close-knit atmosphere that exists. A new student center will provide all members of the Millikin community with a place to gather, collaborate and express their Big Blue spirit. From the traditional student to graduate student, residential to commuter student, faculty member to alumni, this new student center will be everyone's living room at Millikin.