January 6, 2017 at 10:15am

Millikin School of Theatre and Dance

American Theatre Magazine, a national general-circulation magazine devoted to theatre, has listed Millikin University's Musical Theatre Program as one of the top theatre programs in the country outside of New York City.

According to the magazine, "Musical theatre is constantly changing, and to prepare the next generation of ingenues, belters, and leading men, colleges and universities must change along with it. Degree programs across the country are accordingly reshaping and modifying their programs to keep their musical theatre training programs relevant, while also staying rooted in the basics."

American Theatre Magazine's profile of Millikin University says the institution offers students individualized attention, with most courses capped at 16 students. The intimate environment means many performance opportunities, from the school's mainstage season to the student-run theatre company, Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre. Students can also get involved in New Musicals Workshop, giving them a firsthand look at the process of developing and rehearsing a new musical with working professionals from the ground up. Featured alumni include: Clinton Sherwood '10, Jessica Wright '96, Brian Collier '00, Sierra Boggess '04 and Ian Liberto '05.

Millikin School of Theatre and Dance

American Theatre Magazine covers theatrical trends and events, stage artists of every stripe, and economic and legislative developments affecting the arts.

The magazine noted, "But just because Broadway is in New York City doesn't mean that all the best programs are there. In fact, many of musical theatre's biggest stars didn't study in the epicenter of song and dance. The 12 programs listed below have turned out some amazing success stories, offering unique coursework that can make a performer stand out from the chorus line."

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