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Millikin University Professor of International Business Dr. Mark Munoz has published a new book titled "Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business." The book focuses on the importance of geopolitical understanding in the management of the contemporary corporation. The book features original contributions from numerous experts across the world and offers important implications for both the academic and corporate communities.

"One thing that is very exciting about this book is that it's pioneering," said Munoz. "Geopolitics is known as the convergence of geography, economics and politics and how it impacts events specifically in other parts of the world. What makes this book unique is that this is the first time geopolitics has been studied in the context of its implications to business."

The "Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business" provides a solid foundation for both understanding and responding to recent changes and trends in global economics, politics, and business. Several topics are featured throughout the book including the shifting nature of international trade, economic growth in emerging economies, voluntary sustainability codes, management in international corporations, organization of mega-events, entrepreneurship and geopolitical risk, and investment law and firm behavior.

"For this book, I assembled experts from all over the world – from industrialized countries and emerging nations – to try to get a sense of how they think geopolitics can impact business," said Munoz. "The book offers significant value to corporations because many firms are seeing the interconnections between international events and business performance. The book is timely given the numerous geopolitical challenges that are shaping our world today. It's the only book out there that covers this topic."

The book thoroughly describes three transformations that have been evident throughout the course of corporate evolution: local to global, inner to outer, and private to social. The local to global transformation illustrates how many business enterprises significantly expanded their reach. The inner to outer transformation describes how companies have started to see the benefits of alliances and creative partnerships. The private to social transformation shows how corporations have started to see the value of uplifting their image and relationships.

"I spent two years working on the book and it was a tedious process, but ultimately it led to the discovery of new knowledge," said Munoz. "Much of the information from the book will be useful in the classes I teach. I hope to teach a course based on the geopolitics of business in the near future. The book is special since it provides a truly global perspective utilizing global talent and ideas from around the world. The end product is truly international and profound."

The book also has an appeal to students and professors of international business, economics and political sciences. The volume offers a comprehensive discussion of the new global terrain and makes a strong case for the consideration of geopolitics in both the study and practice of modern day business.

"It is a thought-provoking book that places Millikin's Tabor School of Business in the forefront of geopolitics research, especially with contributions from Millikin Business Professors Dr. Anthony Liberatore and Dr. Michael Pettus," said Munoz. "Collaborating with talented colleagues made this endeavor meaningful and exciting."

For more information on the "Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business" visit www.elgaronline.com/view/9780857939746.xml.
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Press Releases

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL