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On April 22, Millikin University honored students and faculty members during the 2010 Distinguished Faculty Lecture and Honors Convocation.  The annual event recognizes students in all four colleges for outstanding scholastic achievement and service to Millikin, and faculty members for exceptional contributions to the university.  

Over 70 endowed awards were presented, many of which were established over the past 100 years as a way to remember the Millikin students, faculty, staff and friends who have left a lasting impression upon the University community.

This year’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture was presented by Dr. Judy Parrish, associate professor of biology at Millikin. Dr. Parrish teaches courses in ecology, plant and environmental biology, and plant physiology.  She has taught a number of field travel courses for biology students, including classes in Alaska, Costa Rica, Ecuador and South Africa. Dr. Parrish holds a Ph.D. in plant ecology and M.S. in botany from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a B.S. from Eastern Illinois University with majors in zoology and botany. 

Congratulations to this year’s winners!


Behavioral Science Award – Kaitlin M. Hutson

Henry F. Gromoll Service Award – Emily N. Anderson

Biology Honors Award – Cassie D. Jaeger

Clyde Dennis Award – Lauren R. Bringman, Clayton G. Parks

George and Rick Glasscock Memorial Biology Award – Carrie L. Jurkiewicz

John and Ula Leighty Research Award – Albana A. Gashi, Lisa A. Lundstrom, Brittany N. Rigdon, Audrey E. Spelde

 Alpha Epsilon Delta Award – Carrie L. Jurkiewicz, Clayton G. Parks

American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry – Dian E. Romonosky

American Institute of Chemists Award – Clayton G. Parks

Chemical Rubber Company Prize – Kelsey C. Whitney

Dr. and Mrs. William Henderson Prize – Carrie E. Bruno, Brittany E. Hassee, Dian E. Romonosky, Kimberly M. Watson, Elise M. Wildman

Carl and Lucile Weatherbee Chemistry Award – Lauren R. Bringman

Carl and Lucile Weatherbee Graduate Studies Award – Carrie E. Bruno

Dr. Everett J. Brown Prize – Jeffrey W. Bruninga, Ann L. Mulligan, Alexandria J. Reed

Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Darby Prize – Emily E. Pittner, Lindsay P. Scully, Courtney J. Timm

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Writing Award (for literary interpretation) – Klay A. Baynar

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Writing Award (for literary creation) – Aubrie M. Cox

Dr. Grace Patten Conant English Department Award – Lauren R. Mikkelson

Dr. Grace Patten Conant Society Achievement Award – Aubrie M. Cox, Lauren R. Mikkelson, Mackenzie L. VanBeest

Outstanding Journalism Award – Ann L. Mulligan

Dr. J. Graham Provan History Award – Klay A. Baynar, James M. Simpkins

Albert T. Mills Prize – Chase M. McCall

John E. Brooman History Prize – Kara K. Allison

Sigrid A. Stottrup History Award - Amy L. Drewel

Mathematics and Computer Science Award – Robert T. Arn

Linda Weatherbee Mathematics Award – Gina A. Luciano, Darrin M. Weber

Modern Languages Linguistic Excellence Award – Jaclyn R. Sirotek

Modern Languages Literary Criticism Prize – Kayla J. Vogel

Margaret Burkhardt Johnson Modern Language Excellence Award – Lane E. Bloome

Thomas W. and Mary R. Adney Memorial Award – Kenneth J. Miller

Dr. Robert McIntire Political Fellows Award – Caitlin C. Harriman

T.W. Samuels Award – Justin A. Allen

Outstanding Political Science Major – Khristopher S. Dunard

Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz Philosophy Award – Dustin T. Clark

Outstanding Physics Award – Shae R. Trumpy


Society of Pi Kappa Lambda Outstanding Senior Award – Culver Hackel, Brian A. Parrish

Presser Scholarship – Johnny E. Dwyer

Alice Herren Ayars Award – Annette S. Rodamaker, Stacey L. Weidner

Wilna Moffett Award – Annette S. Rodamaker

Mary B. Merris Award – Julie M. Bosworth, Michelle L. Buck, Brian A. Parrish, Benjamin C. Westphal

Betty Joyce Eikenberry Bogardus Award – Alyssa M. Napolitano

William Eichenauer Guitar Award-Jeremy S. Polley, William J. Ryan

Thomas A. Johnson Memorial Award – Rebekah D. Carlson

Dr. Russell Tiede Honors Award – Kayla P. Daugherty, Pamela R. Stein

Dr. Maria Klott Memorial Award – Annette S. Rodamaker

Joan and Melvin Grabowski Memorial Award – Joshua J. Wroblewski

Dr. L.C. McNabb Memorial Award – Joel A. Booster, Melissa E. Rosenberg

Michelle Chartier Memorial Award – Erika L. Davidson 

Kathryn Paige Torp Memorial Award – Rebecca S. Lambrecht

Ron Smith Award in Musical Theatre – Lauren E. Culver

J. Ben Ward Prize – Kersten K. Haile

Marvin Klaven Art Award – Katherine G. Baird, Grace E. DeClerck, Sarah E. Ehlich, Laramie R. Hutchens

David S. Monroe Award – Jessica F. Black, Brittany A. Gregory, Erica Resse, Kari Y. Thornton, Sarah A. Wika
Dorothy Sellers Art Award – Alexis L. Coutu, April E. Gleason, Lauren R. Harrison, David Litterio, Favian Lobo, Regina I. Maj, Sheri L. Martin, Kathryn J. Salavacion, Alexa M. Snyder, Michael R. Wilerson


The Smith/Orlandini Book Award – Samantha J. Blankenship

Walter Witt Award – Ian A. Carruthers, Lauralee V. Williams

Alpha Tau Delta Honorarium Award – Aubren Apgar

Decatur memorial Hospital R. H. Cleland R.N. Award – Jim A. Mithcell

James Millikin Theory and Practice of Nursing Award – Meleah A. Ofcarcik

Dorotha F. Dean Nursing Award – Alyson C. Webb

Macon County Medical Auxiliary Award – Brenna J. Clark

The Dr. Mary D. Shanks & Dr. Linda K. Niedringhaus Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award – Diedra A. Stewart


Glen R. Smith Award – Brandon J. Graves

Smith/Quigle Family Award – James B. Spillane

John H. Crocker Memorial Award – Nicholas M. Chivers

Margaret Sparks Award – Deanna R. Langland

Linda Weatherbee Human Resource Management Award – Amber N. Steidinger

Paul R. Winn Memorial Achievement Award – Victoria J. Dudleston


Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Book Award – Sandy Kim

The JoAnne Trow Award – Kelsey L. Nihiser

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Illinois Delta Chapter Award of Excellence – Benjamin M. Brown, Ian T. Callahan, Nicholas B. Ertsgaard, John Wagner

The Millikin University Greek Five Star Chapter Award

C.W. Barnes Memorial Award – Aubrie M. Cox, Mallory S. Lyon

Parent Association Achievement Award – Sandy Kim, Molly E. Pearce, Kelsey L. Lee, Gina A. Luciano, Jasmin L. Benavides, Marquita R. Ward, Chirstina A. Cabrera, Yasmine N. Scott

 Major Thomas G. Storey Citizenship Award – William R. Frankenberger, Samuel W. Osborne

 Jere C. Mickel Human Relations Award – Kaitlin M. Hutson, Jordan W. Russell

Daniel J. and Elinor Gage Student Activities Award – Samuel P. London, Emily K. McKee

Helen Moffett Russell Community Service Award – David Quiroz, Chatonia A. Williams

Eshelman Family Award – Matthew J. Melcher, Audrey E. Spelde

The Jan Devore Award for Excellence in Contributions to Campus Life – Gabrielle Manuel

Dr. J. Roger Miller Leadership Award – Gregory King, Timothy Martin

Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Teacher Award – Dr. Anne Matthews

Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award – Dr. James Rauff

Teaching Excellence Award – Brian Justison

Faculty Research and Artistic Achievement Awards – Randall Reyman, Dr. Joe Stickles

Scovill Prize – Elizabeth C. Gabel, Kaitlin M. Hutson, Aubrie M. Cox, Kelsey L. Lee, Gina A. Luciano, Klay A. Baynar, Caitlin M. Klimavicz
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Press Releases

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL