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Millikin University’s Master of Business Administration is not your “textbook” MBA program, according to Dr. Anthony Liberatore, the program’s director.

 “No program in the region is quite like ours,” remarked Liberatore.  “We offer a unique style of learning that exposes students to different leadership styles, skills, and unique professional experiences, allowing them to broaden their professional horizons before leaving the MBA classroom.”

 The Millikin MBA celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.  Since its inception, the program has offered a team-based learning structure for its students, resulting in intellectual satisfaction and professional success.   The 18-month program is broken into five units, with a cooperative format that allows students to develop relationships with and learn from professors, and each other. The students go through a pre-designed business curriculum, learning how to frame issues and deal with business problems from Day One. 

 The program attracts everyone from entry-level business staffers to CEO’s.  Thanks to the presence of ADM, Caterpillar and other business in Decatur, the program has a diverse group of students, including high level corporate executives hailing from countries throughout the world.  The Millikin program is ideal for working professionals, allowing them complete a degree and while advancing a career.  Liberatore says they have worked to tailor the program to the needs of adult learners, noting that students can easily access the lectures and lessons online in the event they must miss class for work. 

 One unique facet of Millikin’s MBA program, according to Liberatore, is the instructors. “Our program is driven by our faculty, from their years of professional experience, to their impressive academic credentials.  Our instructors have one foot in theory, and the other planted firmly in practice.” 

The MBA Program administers two national standard tests as part of its program assessment.  Entering students take the ETS Major Field Test in Business for undergraduates, and graduating MBA students take the ETS MBA Exit Exam at the end of the program.  Millikin MBA graduates have consistently ranked in the 95th percentile in the past five years that the tests have been administered.

 The MBA program culminates with a trip to China, where students spend a week at Fudan University in Shanghai.   During their visit, businessmen, government officials, and university professors speak to the students about the business world in China.  Liberatore says the trip is important, allowing students to apply what they’ve learned throughout the MBA program abroad.  “The trip provides students with the opportunity to step outside of their ‘parochial’ way of thinking, and see how business operates in an entirely different part of the world.”

 In the 10th year of Millikin’s MBA, Liberatore says recruiting has taken on a life of its own.  Students in the program have come to appreciate the level and quality of the experiences others have received.  As a result, enrollment and the program’s reputation have grown. 

 For more information on the MBA program at Millikin University, please visit www.millikin.edu/mba. 

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Press Releases

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL