Program Highlights

Students who complete a degree in Digital Media Marketing will learn to use digital technologies, social media, and mobile devices to develop and implement contemporary marketing programs within any type of organization. You will develop skills and techniques that include writing and posting blogs, creating press releases, proofing and editing, tracking metrics, and maintaining business digital media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Career options

Employment opportunities include:

  • Digital media specialist
  • Social media coordinator
  • Digital marketing associate

Students might also find interest in the following related areas:

  • Digital marketing (online, interactive, integrated, mobile)
  • Sales
  • Business development
  • Product management
  • SEO
  • Web analytics
  • Advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media and social networking
  • E-commerce
  • Digital editing

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Plan of Study

Departmental Course Offerings

Courses change each semester, so this list should not be considered a commitment to these individual topics. However, this does represent a list of many of our current and popular courses. The list is provided so that you can begin to imagine your academic career at Millikin in this major.

MK200. Principles of Marketing Students will use the marketing concept of satisfying customer wants and needs to learn and critique the marketing functions (product, price, place, promotion, people) of local & global businesses. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. (3 credits)
MK307. IMC Campaigns An applied study of fundamentals of promotions management and marketing communications. Uses tools such as promotional plans, advertising budgets, media purchasing, advertising goals and objectives to develop an understanding of promotion and advertising. Applications orientation provides ample opportunity for students to make decisions relating to advertising and promotion strategies. Pre-requisites: MK200, Junior standing. (3 credits)
MK308. Consumer Behavior and Analytics Theoretical and analytical approach to consumer behavior. The objective is a better understanding of consumer behavior (and its measurement) which enables managers to effectively present products and brands in appealing and persuasive ways. Integrates complex theories of social and behavioral sciences with marketing mix elements and demonstrates the analysis of the theories in practice. Prerequisites: MK200, junior standing. (3 credits)
MK310. Personal Selling A hands-on approach focusing on personal selling. Students are given an opportunity to blend communication skills with effective sales techniques. In-class role-playing and video sales presentations are stressed. Appropriate for individuals in all majors who have anything to sell, ranging from selling themselves in a job interview to selling a service like account, a product like a computer or an idea such as Planned Parenthood. In addition, students are exposed to the real world of selling through presentations by professionals and outside activities with local organizations. Pre-requisites: MK200, Junior standing. (3 credits)
MK324. Sales Force Management The course focuses on the two major aspects of sales force management: Sales Analysis - sources and trends of revenue, compensation, cost assignment and profits, and territory analysis; and Personnel Decisions - motivation, recruiting, selection and training. The purpose of this course is to provide students an in-depth view of marketing's most vital activity. Course is offered irregularly. Pre-requisites: MK200, Junior standing. (3 credits)
MK330. Event Planning The Event Planning course will provide students with the foundation to successfully plan an event such as a profit or non-profit board meeting, major fund raising initiative for an organization, or major corporate event. The course will allow students a “behind the scenes” perspective of how to organize and execute a successful event from the initial planning stage, budget preparation, marketing, and to the end product and the ability to assess the success of the event. Students will garner an understanding of how to market an event utilizing various PR tools coupled with good financial management. Pre-requisite: MK200 or consent of instructor. (3 credits)
MK360. Special Topics in Marketing Provides either an in-depth study of a particular topic or a broad view of several topics of current interest in the marketing area. Topics may include, but are not limited to, purchasing, channel strategies, development of marketing thought, new product introduction, direct marketing, advanced research analysis, marketing modeling, health care and services marketing. Course incorporates relevant experiential learning activities such as field trips whenever appropriate. No more than three topics courses permitted for each student. Like numbered courses may not be repeated. Pre-requisites: MK200, Senior standing, consent of instructor. (1-3 credits)
MK363. Brand Loyalty through Digital Media This course focuses on how to develop and build brand loyalty through digital media like websites, social media, mobile apps and emerging technologies. Students will learn about the basics of brand dynamics and user experiences. Case studies will be used to illustrate how individual brands use digital media to develop and build brand loyalty culminating with the creation and promotion of your personal brand through digital media. Learn (best social media practices), discover (your personal brand), create (an online presence), measure (your impact) & analyze (your efforts). Students will complete a social media management system certification. Pre-requisites: MK200, Junior standing. (3 credits)
MK365. Brand Loyalty Experience This course builds on the knowledge acquired in MK363 Brand Loyalty through Digital Media on how to develop and build brand loyalty through digital media like websites, social media, mobile apps and emerging technologies. Students will focus on the relationship between digital media, user experiences, and brand loyalty.  Case studies will be used to illustrate how individual brands use digital media to develop and build brand loyalty, culminating with an interactive case study of Walt Disney World. Pre-requisites or co-requisites: MK363 or IS470.
MK442. Digital Media Marketing Strategy and Analysis Students will integrate knowledge from various marketing disciplines to create, deliver and capture customer value on a sustainable basis. Participation in a nationwide competition (like the Google Online Marketing Challenge) will allow for measurement of strategy decisions in a real-world setting. Pre-requisites: MK308, MK365, Senior standing.  (3 credits)
MK471, 472. Marketing Internship Cooperative course between the University and selected businesses to further develop the professional training of marketing majors. Combination of work experience and written reports. Does not count toward the 15 credits in the major. Pre-requisite: consent of Marketing coordinator. (1-3 credits)


Digital Media Marketing Major Sheet Fall 2017