Urbania, Italy

Spend three weeks in Italy studying language, arts, marketing, business, and more May 28-June 18, 2017.

Contact Kate Flemming (kflemming@millikin.edu, ADM-SCO 108, 217-420-6752) for more information.

About the Program

Spend three weeks in Urbania, Italy! Immerse yourself in an authentic Italian experience while working towards your Millikin degree.

WHO: Summer Program: Urbania, Italy offers courses which meet many University requirements including: Lab Science, IN 350, ICS, and Fine Arts. Many courses being offered also may fulfill requirements for majors including Business, Theatre, and Physics.

WHAT: Three weeks of total immersion into Italian culture while taking Millikin courses from Millikin professors.

WHEN: May 28 – June 18, 2017

WHERE: Urbania, Italy: Located in the Le Marche region just inland from the Adriatic coast of Central Italy. You will also visit many other cities including: Rome, Florence, Urbino and many more.

HOW: Expenses for the trip are broken into 4 categories:

  1. Travel and Culture Package
  2. Airfare
  3. Tuition
  4. Lab fees

The Summer Program in Urbania, Italy is a completely unique experience because it is:

Multidisciplinary - Art, theatre, physic, and business courses. You will work alongside peers from other disciplines in an international setting.

Comprehensive – While in Italy, you will take classes in Italian language and culture. Urbania is the perfect setting to fully immerse yourself in a safe and vibrant foreign environment. Excursions to other cities in Italy provide a well rounded perspective of Italian life and culture.

Flexible - The Program offers you the possibility of taking more than one course at a time.

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Dates & Deadlines

March 1, 2017 - Travel contract and deposit due

About Urbania

Urbania is a picturesque town situated between the Adriatic Sea and Tuscany in the Le Marche region of Italy. The town is historically know as a center of art and culture. Urbania is a modern and ancient town where everyone can feel at ease. There are supermarkets and shops of all kinds; gyms, bars, restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias. There are concerts, shows, exhibitions and entertainment of every type, especially in the summer, during the "Urbania Summer Program.

Our program partner, Centro Studi Italiani, has had more than 10,000 Facebook students from 120 different countries since its inception in 1986. Visit the Centro Studi Italiani web site for more information.