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Millikin University Employee Recognition Committee 
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Committee Composition

The Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) will be composed by members of the Millikin University as follows:

  • Two faculty members, each with a 2-year term of service.
  • Two professional staff members, each with a one-year term of service, and renewable for one additional year.
  • Two support staff members, with a one-year term of service.
  • One representative from the Millikin University Human Resources Office.
  • The previous year's Employee of the Year.
  • One student, with a one-year term of service.

Committee Responsibilities

The Employee Recognition Committee is responsible for managing and implementing the following Millikin University programs:

  • Employee of the Month (EOM) award
  • Employee of the Year (EOY) award
  • Employee Service Awards

For more information on any of these programs, or to volunteer for the committee, please send an email to eom@millikin.edu.

Who's Eligible for Employee of the Month?

  1. Nominee must be a regularly scheduled professional or support staff employee at Millikin University with a minimum of six months of service.  Professors/Instructors/Directors & Above are NOT eligible.
  2. The nominee should exhibit exemplary service while embracing the spirit of the Millikin community and mission.
  3. An employee is eligible to be named "Employee of the Month" once every two years.
  4. Please include details on why you feel the nominated individual deserves the award.
  5. Not sure if someone is eligible? Send your nomination and we'll let you know!


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL