The Millikin University Undergraduate Fellows Program supports the development of student-faculty partnerships on a variety of academic work. Faculty prepare a proposal for collaboration, then identify students ideally suited to learn and make significant contributions through the partnership. The students receive financial support for this collaborative work throughout the academic year.

What’s An Undergraduate Fellow?

An Undergraduate Fellow is a student who is paid to join in collaborative work with a Millikin University faculty member or campus administrator. Fellows do not receive academic credit for this work, but there are several significant benefits to engaging in collaborative partnerships with faculty. It is an honor for a student to be recruited and selected as an Undergraduate Fellow.

A collaborative partnership is an excellent means of learning through the apprenticeship model—whether that work focuses on research, writing, creative performance, teaching, international studies, or use of technology.

Undergraduate Fellows are often introduced, as participants, into the scholarly community of the faculty member’s academic community at Millikin and beyond the campus.

Undergraduate Fellows are paid to do work that advances their growth and development in an academic area of study.

The academic work experiences and achievements of students can be featured on future resumes. Undergraduate Fellows do not have to be work-study eligible to be hired. Priority is given to the qualifications of the ideal student and the value of the work to his or her development.

Research Fellows

Undergraduate Research Fellows assist and collaborate with faculty on academic research. The Research Fellow is encouraged to help conduct the research and to participate in subsequent professional presentations related to the research, including potential publication in academic journals.

Teaching Fellows

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows help faculty design and implement innovative teaching approaches and changes in curriculum. Teaching Fellows are carefully selected from the more experienced, advanced students in a major so that they can provide insight into the beginner’s learning process and difficulties. Teaching Fellows can serve in a variety of assistance roles such as group leaders of projects, field studies guides, tutors, and resource developers.

International & Off-Campus Studies Undergraduate Fellows

Undergraduate International & Off-Campus Studies Fellows assist in the development and management of international and off-campus learning opportunities, working with faculty and other students to develop approaches to learning or to develop team projects that extend or go beyond the traditional classroom course.

Technology Fellows

Undergraduate Technology Fellows assist faculty in acquiring and using information technology for their research, teaching or administrative work. Technology fellows may also serve as team leaders or assistants on large student projects involving technology.

Administrative Fellows

Undergraduate Administrative Fellows collaborate with faculty leaders and administrators on policy research, assessment processes, or program development. The Administrative Fellow is encouraged to participate in presentations, publications, and workshops related to this work.

Writing Fellows

Undergraduate Writing Fellows assist and collaborate with faculty on academic writing, editing, web design, or publishing projects. Writing fellows also can assist in the classroom, especially as advanced tutors with expertise in the subject of the course as well as academic writing.

Fellows Proposals

Email your proposal for collaboration to Dr. Anne Matthews, Dean of Teaching & Learning, at

Download proposal guidelines (this is a DOC file):

Fellows Proposal Guidelines

Fellows Brochure

Download a PDF brochure on the Undergraduate Fellows Program:

Undergraduate Fellows

Fellows Workshop

Come to our workshop on the Undergraduate Fellows program. We will discuss possibilities for Fellows and how to submit your proposal: TBA

Fellowship Applications

All Undergraduate Fellow proposals will be reviewed by a three-person, rapid-response committee so that faculty may begin the process of recruiting the ideal student as soon as possible.

After the approval of the proposal, faculty are encouraged to recruit an ideal, qualified Undergraduate Fellow themselves.

Fellows will be funded for a certain number of hours per semester (no more than 50 hours), with documented fulfillment of hours required for payment. Students do not need to be work-study eligible in order to become Fellows. Students are paid the standard student wage.

Proposals for Undergraduate Fellows should include:

  1. Qualifications for the ideal Undergraduate Fellow needed.
  2. A description of the academic work and tasks involved in the planned collaboration.
  3. An explanation of how this partnership will be a development opportunity for both the faculty member and Fellow.
  4. An estimate of time requirements (the duration of the project, estimated number of hours per week).
  5. Expected outcomes, changes, or products, such as conference presentations, exhibits, workshops, publications, reports, etc.
  6. How the Undergraduate Fellow will reflect and report on their experience as a fellow.

Email your proposal for collaboration to Dr. Anne Matthews, Dean of Teaching & Learning, at