The Millikin EDGE program offers a unique opportunity for select freshmen to adjust to the academic demands of college.

Freshmen selected for EDGE come to campus in early August and complete an intensive course prior to the start of First Week orientation. In this course, experienced instructors introduce students to the realities of the college classroom through the formal study of an academic discipline. Through the EDGE class, students are exposed to the skills critical to collegiate success, including college-level reading and writing, critical thinking, classroom participation, and time management. Students complete the EDGE course with the assistance of peer mentors who serve as guides for academic success throughout the student's freshman year.

Following the completion of the EDGE class, students benefit from intensive advising during their freshman year. Staff from the Office of Student Success monitor the progress of EDGE students and work to address any obstacles that might get in the way of their academic success while at Millikin. Student Success staff also organize weekly study tables and follow up with EDGE students at critical times during the semester (midterm, course scheduling, etc.).

Selection for the EDGE Program is determined by the Office of Admission and the Office of Student Success in consultation with other University personnel. For more information about the Millikin EDGE program, please contact the Office of Student Success at

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Fall 2017 Study Tables (Time & Location)