Careers in Exercise Science

Careers available in the Exercise Science field vary greatly, from direct care of athletes, athletic administration or sports media, to education and health promotion in the school system or community setting. These sections outline the types of jobs you might find in certain fields, examples of employers, and strategies for landing your dream position.

Professional Sport Management

Including jobs in Marketing/Promotions, Concessions, Sales, Ticket Management, Telemarketing, Public Relations, Security, Facility Management, Law


  • Professional Sport Organizations
  • National Amateur Sport Governing Bodies
  • Unites States Olympic Training Center
  • Sport Marketing/Event Management Firms
  • Law Firms


  • Complete an internship at a sports event firm.
  • Work on-campus in the Athletic Department.
  • Attend state, regional, national conferences.
  • Get a summer job with a professional sport organization.
  • Work with the Big Blue Club.

Athletic Administration

Including jobs in Marketing/Promotions/Sales, Ticket Management, Operations/Events Manager, Concessions, Fundraising, Academic Counseling, Compliance, Sports Information.


  • College athletic departments
  • Amateur sport organizations
  • Sport governing bodies
  • Sport league conference offices
  • Event management firms
  • United States Olympic Training Center


  • Secure part-time summer job in concessions on campus or for local sports team or facilities.
  • Work with athletic booster clubs.
  • Complete apprenticeship on-campus in desired area.
  • Volunteer in Athletic Department in any capacity.
  • Secure part-time job usher, in ticketing, or in event operations.
  • Subscribe to "NCAA News".
  • Attend state, regional, and national conferences.

Event and Facility Management and Marketing

Including jobs in Special Events, Telemarketing, Retailing, Concessions, Marketing/Promotions, Campus Recreation


  • Pro Sport Organizations
  • Event Management Firms
  • County or Municipal Facilities
  • Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Sport Marketing Firms
  • Private Corporations


  • Work at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center in desired field.
  • Complete an apprentice ship at souvenir stand.
  • Attend state, regional, national conferences.
  • Get pool operator's certification.
  • Get a summer job working at any athletic or special event facility.
  • Work with the Big Blue Club.

Exercise Science and Fitness Management

Including Jobs in: Strength and Conditioning, Fitness Instructor, Research, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Personal Trainer


  • Corporate Fitness Facilities
  • Health Club/Wellness Centers
  • College Athletic Departments
  • Hospitals
  • Campus Recreation Department
  • Physical Therapy Clinics


  • Plan on attending graduate school.
  • Work in cardiac rehabilitation program.
  • Obtain summer and volunteer positions in Health Clubs.
  • Work with sport teams conditioning programs.
  • Become certified aerobic or group exercise instructor.
  • Subscribe to industry journals.
  • Join a professional association.
  • Attend state, regional and national conferences.
  • Work in a fitness center.

Sporting Goods Management and Sales

Including jobs in Retailing, Telemarketing, Manufacturer's Representative


  • Sporting Goods/Retail Stores
  • Manufacturing
  • Private Rep Firms
  • Professional Sport Teams
  • College Athletic Departments


  • Obtain summer jobs in sales area.
  • Complete independent study in product knowledge.
  • Attend Sporting Goods Super Show in Atlanta.
  • Attend state, regional and national conferences.
  • Work in souvenir or concessions stands.
  • Work with an organization selling signage, program ads, and group sales.

Sports Media

Including jobs in Sports Information, Public Relations, Promotions, Advertising Sales, Marketing, Sports Statistics, Sport History


  • Local television, newspapers and trade newspapers
  • Sport media outlets
  • College athletic departments
  • Professional sports teams
  • Race tracks
  • Bowl games
  • National governing bodies
  • Private promotion firms
  • Book firms


  • Work with campus media outlets.
  • Volunteer in college sports information.
  • Obtain summer jobs with minor league teams.
  • Volunteer to write sport management student/alumni newsletter.
  • Attend state, regional, and national conferences.
  • Study famous sports broadcasters.
  • Develop a portfolio of work to share including audiotapes, video tapes, press releases, writing samples

Undergraduate Awards

Outstanding Exercise Science & Sport Student:

Demonstrates outstanding academic achievement, exhibited a strong applied/performance element in their accomplishments, and contributed significantly to their department or program.

The 2016-2017 School Year Recipients are:

  • Nick Retherford - outstanding student in the Athletic Training program
  • Meagan Booth - outstanding student in the Health, Fitness & Recreation program
  • Timothee McElroy - outstanding student in the Physical Education program
  • Cole Sondgeroth - outstanding student in the Sport Management program

Exercise Science & Sport Leadership Award

Demonstrates innovative, initiative-driven leadership impacting their academic, work, or community environments.

  • Emily Schultz - Athletic Training major

Exercise Science & Sport Service Award

Encourages Millikin Exercise Science & Sport students to live a life of service.  Their recognition inspires others to take positive action to change the world.

  • Sarah Bradley - Health, Fitness & Recreation major

Outstanding New Exercise Science & Sport Student

Shows exceptional promise and performs exceedingly well in the first two semesters as an Exercise Science & Sport major

  • Russell Pruitt - Athletic Training major

The Smith/Orlandini Book Award

This annual award is given to Exercise Science & Sport students that have demonstrated financial need, have accumulated between 54 nd 90 hours of academic credit and who possess, at a minimum,a 3.0/4.0 grade point average.

The 2016-2017 recipients are:

  • Kyler Fear - Athletic Training major
  • Tori Crocks - Athletic Training major

The Walter Witt Award

This award is presented to outstanding junior(s) in the Exercise Science & Sport Department.  This student(s) must have good overall conduct and be in good academic standing with the University.

The 2016-2017 recipients are:

  • Devin Curry - Physical Education major
  • Dominique Lowe - Health, Fitness & Recreation major
  • Connor Sacks - Sport Management major
  • Emily Shultz - Athletic Training major

The Dale Minick Fund

 This fund goes to deserving Millikin students with a preference for those with a declared major in the academic department of  (Sport Management) in the Exercise Science & Sport Department.  

The 2016-2017 recipients are:

  • Christopher Lee
  • Robert Kirk
  • Deionnte Honorable
  • Francis Anastasia

The Brust Scholarship

The 2016-2017 recipient is Torie Crocks

The Alumni Endowed Fund (PE Major)

The 2016-2017 recipient is Tim McElroy

CW Barnes Award

The 2016-2017 recipient is Kayla Lojas