The arts are a living and vital part of Millikin's culture, as almost a quarter of Millikin students study within the College of Fine Arts. With art shows, concerts, theatre productions, and presentations every week, our campus is alive with the talents of our fine arts students. All students are welcome to experience the arts at Millikin through these venues, as well as through on-campus courses and off-campus and study abroad experiences. Through our vast array of musical, theatrical, and visual arts, students are continually being challenged and changed for the better in the College of Fine Arts.

CFA News
Millikin Vocal Jazz Festival
College of Fine Arts | Community | Music
Millikin Festival brings Jazz to vocal students across Illinois
February 21, 2017, 10:15am
The Millikin University School of Music hosted its 28th annual Vocal Jazz Festival on Feb. 18 at Kirkland Fine Arts Center. Close to 350 students from 12 high schools across Illinois took...
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Millikin Opera Theatre
College of Fine Arts | Community | Music
Millikin and Mozart make a team
February 9, 2017, 1:15pm
Millikin University's Opera Theatre program will present an entertaining Mozart double bill that takes a trip through the rough-and-tumble timeless world of theatre. Performances will be...
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Designing Disney
Academic | Alumni & Friends | College of Fine Arts
Backstage Pass to Disney
February 7, 2017, 9:15am
It's hard to find anywhere else in the world that does design better than Disney, specifically shows, environments and experiences; so what better way to learn the elements of design than...
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