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Day 37 (Tuesday, August 2nd)


Well today was a challenge. When I woke up,I went into the lab and chatted with Eva for a little bit and then I started on my final report of all of the research I have done. I wrote the Experimental and the Results and Discussion first, because that’s how I roll. While I was typing up my report, I also was facebook chatting with my best friends back home. I got to talk to Darrah, April, Sean, Matt, and my mother of course. It’s really great to be reminded that even though I was having a bad day, those people will still always be there for me. April worked things out to where she can stay and will be able to be in Decatur still when I get home! Sean and I decided that next summer we want to try to get a program started where we could go to Germany and do a chemistry internship there! We want to work in a brewery and be brewmasters! Sean just wants to do it for the beer, but I want to do it for the job experience….and money. It would be really neat if we could get something like that worked out with Millikin! I also talked to my mom and she said I got a CD in the mail from Millikin with a note saying “memorize this by first week.” I asked Darrah about it and she said that it is actually a DVD of all of our new cheers and dances! Ahhh! I am very excited! I cannot wait until cheer season at Millikin!


In the afternoon, I left lab and went to the hospital because I am out of money and I had to take more out at the bank. When I walked up to the counter I started speaking in Chinese to the man, and he spoke perfect English (with no accent) back to me. We talked for a little bit about America, and I told him that I love the fruit here in Taiwan. I will definitely miss the dragonfruit and mango when I go back to America. Then the man told me, “Wait, I have something for you!”  and then he went into the back room and brought me out a big bag of bananas! Home-grown bananas! I was super excited and thanked him for them. Heather was a little surprised, however, when I got home from work with a bag of bananas!


For dinner Heather and I walked to Donbie. We made a stop at Watsons, and then went to Mr. Wish for me to get my beloved passion fruit green tea. After that we went to the bakery for dinner. I got the bacon garlic bread and another bread that had ham and apples on it. We took dinner home to eat. After dinner I watched the episode of Secret Life that I missed (which should be the last episode that I will miss) and then I went for a run—a nice long run. I really needed to clear my head. So much is happening right now, and I feel like I am missing a lot back home. But I only have five more days in Taiwan, and I know that the most important people in my life will be there waiting for me when I get home, and talking to all of them really reassured me of that. The rest of the week I just plan to finish my draft of my lab report and then get ready for the trek home! We are going to be leaving at 5:30 or 6:00am Monday morning (Sunday night at home) and I’ll arrive home at 5:20 in St. Louis on Monday night! Yep, that equals an entire 24 or 25 hours of traveling, but that’s only if all of my flights stay on schedule! Wow, it’s going to be very tiring, but I’m very excited to see my family, my girls, and my doggy!

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL